Reno Omokri: A National Licensed Gossiper and Unsolicited Town Crier By A. S. Gashinbaki

While the patriotic citizens’ sticks together to condemn Bello El-Rufai´s idiotic tweet, for Omokri and his cohorts, they have seen the opportunity to expand their gossiping undertakings. He hurriedly run to the Igbo man and whispers in his ears, ´´so you haven´t heard, a Hausa man called you whore, armed robber, baby factory product. I am not lying oh, he hates you and all your likes with passion. Okay, if you still think I’m lying I have some evidence in my email, please let me show it to you.´´

And his gossiping counterparts job descriptions is to rush to the Hausa man and also sneered, ´´so you´re still at Mai shayi table when an Igbo man was busy insulting your generations, he called you Cows, Sheeps, Almajiris. And you´re still sipping your Shayi here as if nothing has happened. If you think I´m lying go and ask Mallam Garba.´´

And you´re still wondering why they are such a meticulous record keepers. Do you think it is easy to be a gossiper, a national one for that matter!

The feelings of powerlessness, fear, anxiety and uncertainty about what the future might holds, are the driving factors that tends to push the vulnerable masses to believe in most conspiracy theories presents to them by every narrow-minded bigot. (As recently revealed by University of Kent researchers).

Now, don’t make a mistake of thinking you are the only person with access to such sad information, people like Omokri also do and are ever ready to take full advantage of it to con the naive masses.

It is disgustingly crystal clear that for Reno Omokri his only concern is what might become of his percentage of national cake should Ahmad Nasir El-Rufai eventually occupy the presidential office. Indeed, it is obviously clear that he has falls from grace to grass, but his real nightmare is the fact that with El-Rufai presidency he is set to roll into the gutter – and he surely dreaded the smell. With Goodluck Jonathan, he was guaranteed a 95% cut, and despite Buhari´s mal-administration he is still getting 5% cut, but he is wise enough to know that his share will be 0% if someone like El-Rufai eventually took charge.

This explains why instead of joining the rest of the world and patriotic Nigerians to rebuke Bello´s tweet, or even call for his prosecution as some daring women have done. He instead, opted to use it as a camouflage to stir an ethnic tension and cunningly asserts himself as a champion of the minorities cause – which he don’t even know what it means!

For him, the marginalized and oppressed minorities start from some sections of his so-called Middle Belt down to the SouthSouth/SouthEast regions. Every person from these sections are view as Igbos and the rest of the country – especially the north – hates them. You can see how ridiculous the map of his ideal marginalize few looks. Indeed, as Voltaire, maintained, ´the more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it gets the appearance of wisdom.´

What the conman won´t tell you is that Yakubu Gowon, Goodluck Jonathan, Aguyi ironsi all falls under his map of the oppress few, and yet they collectively ruled this nation for about 16 years, accounting for almost one third (1/3) of its total post-independence indigenous ruling era. In spite of this, Omokri and his fellow axis of gossipers would tell you that some sections are being held hostage by some clans that believed it is their birthright to rule for eternity. Mind you, you won´t hear this from them until when they are referring to national positions like presidency which transcends their regions.

Omokri and his likes are nothing less than, maladroit, intellectual retarded, power mongers, who felt that the only way they can grabbed power with little competition and almost zero resistance is to neutralize some people, and stirred ethnic tensions. They ought to be sympathize with, because it is clear that they do not possess the charisma and empathy that will endears them to the populace across the geo-political zones. Hence, their best shot is to employ the dirty tricks of manipulating the ethnics and religions accidental features of innocent Nigerians. In a fruitless bid to arouse their sentiments to sympathizes with their dubious political agenda.

They have succeeded in establishing themselves as shameless gossipers whose daily routine is to serves as purveyors of hate speeches across the various regions in the country.

Nigeria had always have its own fair share of secessionists who exudes colossal ignorance on the complexities that characterized its bond of statehood. Which is why an Igbo man´s ideal country would recklessly include the Ijaw´s nation. And a Yoruba man´s ideal map will not hesitate to capture the Kingdom of Benin and to some extent even Ilorin.

Omokri, epitomizes the terrifying threat such – senseless, incontinence, absurd, and conflicting – thoughts poses to the collective healthy co-habitation of this nation. He cannot attribute this terrible lies to ignorance, it is clear that his utterances are carefully calculated to stirred the blinded ethnic sentiments of his apparent perceived fellow-regional loyalists devoured of rational thoughts of their own.

While leaders like Yakubu Gowon, Abubakar Tafawa Belewa, and Goodluck Jonathan who are all from minority ethnic backgronds, unite and leads, ethnic bigots like Omokri would prefers, dividing and rule.


A. S. Gashinbaki

Author and Essayist.

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Email: [email protected]

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