Revisiting the 20 millionaires in Igalaland

Over the weekend, social media was agog with the frenzy that percolated the atmosphere in Igala speaking area of Kogi state, the Senator representing the axis in the National Assembly, Senator Isah Jibrin Echoco had presented a cheque of N20 million to 20 beneficiaries of his Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme. The fund sits with the viable potential of a revolving effect-with each beneficiary expected to recreate the grant unto others. Drawn from the nine local government areas of the state, the beneficiaries are given this seed capital to stimulate their existing business.


One of the beneficiaries, Ujachi Smaila from Imane in Olamaboro Local Government Area of the state runs a kiosk in Imane upon his graduation from the Kogi State University, with this fund, he sees himself more poised to achieve more in his business. Salamatu Haruna, the owner of Sally Pastry from Ofu Local Government runs a bakery shop, with this grant, she hopes to inject more zest into her business which she opined has the potential to expand greatly in prospect.


Speaking about how the 1 million naira grant will impact their businesses, Hopeline Unyo, the Founder and CEO of Bryiant Scents, an entrepreneurial outlet specializing in perfumery and other essentials, explained that the support from the Echocho Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme will revolutionize their online presence and establish their business as a leading player in the digital perfume market. “By investing in strategic social media initiatives, we are confident in attracting new customers, fostering meaningful connections with our customers, and driving sustainable growth for the company. I am very grateful for the show of love and support. With Senator Isah’s support, I am confident that I can make a meaningful impact in my community and contribute to its economic growth.”


Ismaila Ujachi, Founder and CEO of Ujachi Kiosk, applauded the credible selection process. he said, “When my brother-in-law forwarded the flyer of the programme to me, I thought it was a scam, but he encouraged me to apply. I’m not too good at business proposal writing but with the help of one of my siblings, who is a graduate of Business Administration, I was able to come up with something tangible. I was so thrilled when I got the notification that my proposal scaled through. This effort is commendable.”


Senator Jibrin Isah (Echocho)’s commitment to empowering youth and fostering economic growth within his constituency by providing a grant of 1 million naira each to twenty outstanding graduates and budding entrepreneurs is the new thinking that politicians and other leaders of thought should cultivate. With this kind of venture, the pressing economic challenges facing communities, such as high unemployment rates, the biting economic realities, intense competition in the labour market, and the need to create a viable economy, as the primary motivations for the initiative become a resort.


The significance of Senator Isah’s initiative in providing essential financial support to deserving individuals underscores the need to address the economic situation that is biting very hard and has presented intelligent graduates struggling with unemployment. The society urgently needs entrepreneurial solutions such as this. The grants should not be for luxury but intended financial assistance that will catalyze positive change and sustainable economic development.


Through the initiative, which is the maiden one, there is no doubt, that Senator Jibrin Isah has continued to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, laying the groundwork for a prosperous and vibrant community. As the embodiment of visionary leadership and inclusive governance, Senator Isah remains committed to driving sustainable progress and prosperity across Kogi East Senatorial district.


This gesture should not only be viewed as a celebration of generosity but also a testament to the power of leadership and vision in driving positive change. Senator Jibrin Isah’s unwavering dedication to empowering youth and fostering economic growth has set a shining example for leaders across the nation, inspiring hope and optimism for a brighter future in Kogi East Senatorial District and beyond.


The Echocho Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme initiative transcends political affiliations and serves as a beacon of hope, bringing tangible relief and opportunity to the people of Kogi East Senatorial district. Senator Isah’s unwavering dedication to the welfare of his constituents is evident in his proactive approach to addressing pressing socio-economic challenges and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.




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