Sahara Reporters: Of Concocted Fallacies, Reign Of Mischief

The attention of the media office of Alhaji Muhammed Sani Musa, a Senator representing Niger -East in the National Assembly has been drawn to a fallacious material by the Sahara Reporters where it erroneously reported that expired rice was donated by the Senator to his constituents as palliatives and Ramadan package. No fabrication of this magnitude has made it to the public domain since the time of history than what this online outlet peddled in this case. For the avoidance of doubt, no product donated by the Senator to his people came in as expired; the palliatives were distributed fresh and healthy. Sahara Reporters for lack of what to write chose to present fallacy as news material.

Recall that Senator Muhammed Sani Musa has in the last three months distributed palliatives to no fewer than 10,000 households in the 99 wards of the nine local government areas under the senatorial district. This gesture came on the heels of the global COVID-19 pandemic that has brought untold hardship to his people, to cushion the effect of the lockdown announced by the government; the Senator promptly distributed 900 bags of 50kg rice, over 30 bags of 100kg maize, hand wash detergents, medicals among other items to the people.

In the last one week, the Senator through his Personal Assistant and Legislative Aide, Sagir Tafida, has also identified households numbering 9,990 in the Niger East Senatorial District and donated 25kg bag of Maize, 5kg bag consisting of rice, a bottle of vegetable oil, salt, seasoning, and noodles for women and children with each household getting a pack.

For Sahara Reporters to come out of nowhere and fabricate such falsehood explains how lies, fake news and misinformation have become a stock of its trade: nothing is as irresponsible and satanic as this. The best this outlet should have done was to send their reporter to the site of distribution just as other media with credible intent did. Alas, Sahara Reporters is notorious for armchair journalism as it always hides under the umbrella of mischief, to peddle falsehood, with the intent of misleading gullible members of the society.

Sahara Reporters should endeavour to take a critical dive into the antecedents of the Senator as a man whose bounty benevolent gestures did not start with being a senator. The man is synonymous with philanthropy, a trade he has exhibited and sustained for decades. His decisions to be in the services of humanity are not drawn from worldly benefits but spiritual fulfilment. He has dedicated his life for the good of humanity and no amount of earthly trappings can dissuade him from that. A man who has donated his entire salary and allowances as a senator for the next four years cannot be seen distributing expired rice to his people.

Senator Muhammed Sani Musa is calling on the general public to disregard the malicious report by Sahara reporters as piece of journalistic indolence. The report is better described as satanic, fabricated and a piece of concocted mischief. ‘When journalism takes the route of falsehood, humanity suffers the reign of misinformation. Writing what does not exist is not just unfair but unethical. Relying on political foes and detractors to build a storyline is taking journalism to the gutters’, the Senator explained.

Meanwhile, Senator Muhammed Sani Musa is poised to provide quality representation to his people, sustain democratic ideals and pursue healthy routes that will ensure the continuous growth of Nigeria as no amount of sponsored falsehood will distract him from giving quality representation.

Senator Muhammed Sani Musa Media Office.

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