Senator Jibrin Isa, Beyond Humility, By ABUBAKAR YUSUF

It is normal for Kogi east Senator, Jibrin Isah recent experiences and dispositions out of humility and candor, he was known for over the decades.

Coming from a multiple extended polygamous family, the current Senator representing Kogi east was by providence not even brought up by his direct parents , hence his temperament and temptations of high level humility knew no bound.

For Isa who started well as an elementary student that hyped to secondary school and later university education devoid of round about education, even at a period when education was not at high priority of our people, a rare display of intelligence both in her early years while growing up.

Lucky enough, as a distinct student of first degree and many other post graduate programs , he started the process of assumption of family heir at his tender age, inspite of the peculiar nature of his family.

Senator Echocho as popularly known, took up the responsibility of both immediate and extended family members through job placement , and provision of engagement outlets for many decades, before his retirement from public service.

The peak of his career was in the financial institution were he worked and rose to the top echelon of the Banking sector and retired as Executive Director, Financial institution, were he employed over 8,000 Nigerians at both the lower at the highest cadre.

It is on record that for consecutive ten years, Echocho hardly did not touch any family directly or indirectly in his extraction and by extension Kogi and Nigeria at large.

Before his retirement from the Banking sector , it baffles all that even his beneficiaries who usually trooped his residents, offices and other outlets for extension of gratitude usually get more from him in cash and kind now and then, a feat Senator Jibrin Isah was known for.

Having retired from the public sector and joined politics, his rousing welcome to the political terrain in Kogi and Nigeria at large was not ordinary, but because of his political relevance and unbeatable records that was later trapped in a misconstrued political logjam.

So , from all indications, Kogi east Senator disposition and humility was legendary and innate, as most of his friends while in office were not even his contemporary, but out of his high level tolerance and acceptance that was the basis of his foundation.

For those who was not grown and groomed will not see the impact of community and communal orientation, that solely believed in extension and extending of respects both to the young and old ones beyond protocols.

It is on record and with all sincerity of purpose, that Senator Jibrin Isa Echocho has refused to distance himself from such a humane and finest orientation.

A direct experience was my meeting with him at Umar Musa Yar’adua centre during a book launch early this year, I was making a call and he came out to ease himself, rather than going directly to what he wants to do, he humorously approached me to my encouragement, that saw me taking him to the rest room not minding as Senator of the Federal Republic.

I was nobody, but an ordinary media man that he couldn’t even recollect given a job in the Banking sector over one and half decade away , but reserved alot of respect and honor for him.

So, for the mere fact of been carried away by the current circumstances and elation, his orientation and background was not out of place, as for many times he had regards not only for the people of high caliber, but even the low, a testimony that was in the lips of all and sundry.

For Kogi east Senator, Jibrin Isa Echocho was based on circumstances and situations at that point in time and done in good fate no matter the turn of events.

As long as nobody is perfect, nobody is also fallible, therefore Senator Jibrin Isa Echocho was not and will not be an exception.



Yusuf, A Public Affairs Analyst writes from Lokoja via email [email protected].

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