Since The creation of man, experience have shown that man is filled with wants. Human want is like a bottomless pit. They are unlimited in number. When he gets a thing he desired, he wants something else, then another and this process continues like this for indefinite period. Man is never satisfied as new wants appear one after another in quick succession. Until he (man) meet his Lord.
It is on this notion that ,Abdurasaq Olayode aka Philosopher King, A media practitioner, mind coach and a marriage counselor depicted  ” Wants is an open ended exercise for man”.
Abdurasaq, expatiated on this while discussing the topic:- WHAT DID ALLAH WANT FROM YOU? , on his weekly program tagged “TALK ISLAM” on Jordan 93.9 fm Abuja.
Abdurasaq stated that Shaytan has endeared man to himself, making man to always ask for his rights rather than his responsibilities towards his Lord (the purpose of which he was created).
He elucidated pellucidly the things Allah wanted from His creations using some Ayahs  of the Qur’an which are; worshipping Him by knowing who He really His, Understanding ourself(Q95 vs 4), Be fit- exercising and eat well (Q 16 vs 18), Build your character (Q49 vs 13), break through difficulties in life (Q90 vs 11-20).
 Also, Keeping worries and fear under control (Q13 vs 11), taking care of the family (Q66vs 6), seek for knowledge because when you know, you have edge over others, are some of the things Allah wants from His creations.
” Allah will not change the good condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves” he said.
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*OLAYODE ABDURASAQ aka PHILOSOPHER KING* (a marriage counselor in Abuja, Advertising & public relations expert, Media consultant, TV & Radio Personality).
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 *Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez
 Staff writer, Epistemic Consult Ltd.

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