The day we will be driven in a van… By Haruspice

One day, we shall be driven in ambulance, the day our exotic and exquisite cars would be parked for it is useless to us. That day shall come and we shall be helpless as our weak body is conveyed to our abode of care- sometimes permanent resting abode.


I fret at the vain nature of life when man all life and zest suddenly become weak and all vegetable. A friend died some years back and she was conveyed not in her finest car to the burial ground but a Hilux van. I protested she be conveyed in her Range Rover Sport and they collectively echoed,’ Her remains will stain the car’. I wept and wept as I wandered helplessly away into the open vanity of life. What a life, the car she drives around with her hard-earned money is now too special for her remains? Subhanallah!


One day, we shall all remain to be conveyed not in our finest cars but pick up vans and ambulances.


Indeed a day shall come when our money, class and affluence shall be driven in an ambulance – that day, we remain filth to the world around us. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’in.

Vainly musing

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