The Royal Tapestry of Ankpa: HRH Sadiq Ahmed By Haruspice

He was barely a lad when he started to throttle on the saddle of royalty, while others jive afar from the dance hall of the palace, he buried himself in the art.. This he did with dispassionate interest, to him, it was a responsibility for a child to hold the bowl while the king feast. Nature with her way of giving what you give her decided to throw this lad to the throne. Today, he sits in magnificent majesty on the throne he was once a manservant. Indeed for every king, there was a palace lad.


Sitting in royal opulence is Sadiq Ahmed , the royal custodian of Ejiloggwu, the scion of Oguchekpo, offspring of Ukoja, Omo Onu Ahmadu, the reigning Ejeh of Ankpa, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq Ahamadu- Agaagwuuu.


HRH Sadiq Ahmed’s life story is one of perseverance, hard work, and determination. From his early beginnings as a palace lad to his current position as the Ejeh of Ankpa, King Sadiq has always been a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication and focus.


As a leader, King Sadiq has shown great wisdom and compassion, working tirelessly to improve the lives of his people and promote the development of his community. He has been instrumental in creating jobs, providing quality education, and investing in critical infrastructure projects that have transformed the region.


Despite his high status and numerous achievements, King Sadiq remains humble and approachable, always ready to listen to the concerns of his subjects and address their needs. He has earned the respect and loyalty of his people through his unwavering commitment to their welfare and his tireless efforts to make his kingdom a better place.


As King Sadiq celebrates his birthday, we honor him for his leadership, vision, and compassion. We pray that Allah will continue to bless him with good health, strength, and wisdom as he continues to steer his kingdom towards greater heights. Happy birthday, Your Royal Highness!


Today, in royal submission, we pay home as he adds a new leaf to his tree of greatness. We cow in prayers to the Almighty Allah to expand his coast, to enlarge his influence, to magnify his reign and continue to protect him as he provides leadership to the land.


Royally musing

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