Things You Should Have In Your Lunch Box For Strong Immunity Against COVID, Other Infections

What we eat defines our immunity and resistance against pathogens. Living with millions of viruses, a few of which even led to a global pandemic, we have now understood that these microscopic neighbours are not going anywhere and we have to learn to live with them. For that, we need strong immune power.


It goes without saying that what we eat defines our immunity and resistance against microscopic invaders. The last two years of the pandemic have taught us that the key to a long life lies in healthy lifestyle practices which include cleanliness, eating a balanced and nutritious diet and following hygiene practices.



With offices reopening and work from home coming to an end, the dietary habit of people has started going back to pre-COVID times when skipping a meal or eating something or the other for lunch was common.


IIn view of COVID and other infections here are a few such lunchbox-related tips which can help you get a proper meal and can subsequently improve your immunity:


​Not just a lunch box, prepare a lunch bag

No more small lunch boxes! Get a medium-sized bag and fill your lunch with it. A big bag will have ample space for several things like meals, snacks, water, and other fluids to keep you full.


Let’s prepare your lunch box

Do not worry about putting on weight. Pack a decent meal for yourself: it can start with rice or roti or both, a dal, a curry of a seasonal vegetable and salad. Now, this is a simple lunch, you can keep adding items to this as per your appetite. The more, the better!


​Don’t forget snacks

The vendor on the street right next to your office might seem an easier option than carrying snacks from home, but this snack will provide you with nutrients that street-side food can not. Another plus point is when you carry snacks from home, you have several options to pick from and you munch one as much as you can.


Water is a must

You can definitely get water in the office. But in offices, small-sized disposable cups are used, which might affect the amount of water you require in a day. It is wise to carry your own water bottle, which of course you can refill in the office as many times as required.


Other sources of hydration

Plain water gets boring sometimes. If possible carry a bottle of lassi or salted buttermilk with you in your lunch bag. You can also carry detox water with you and have small sips of it throughout the day.


Other important points to note

Make sure your lunch covers all the seasonal vegetables available during that time of the year. If time does not permit, make something that is easy to prepare.


Do not overload your lunch bag. Pack only that much that you consume in a day. Try not to bring leftovers home.



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