Tinubu And The Gruelling Waves Of Discord In Kogi State By Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

It’s been a smelly downpour of needless torrential rain of strife, discordance, and political tension in the confluence state of Kogi, the state that sits as the epicentre of Nigeria- bordering about nine other states in Nigeria. You can’t get to the north or south of Nigeria without passing through this state- it should ideally be codenamed ”The Gateway” state. In the past, it was characterized by a grim reflection of negative energies, plagued by thuggery, violent crimes, and intertribal animosity. However, in recent years, this bleak trend was reversed, largely thanks to Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello. Regrettably, the state is rapidly regressing, slipping back into the dark shadows of its former state.


Over the past few months, as the electoral process commenced to select a new governor by November 2023, the state has been plagued by a ceaseless cascade of troubling stories. Political hooliganism, hostility, and violent conflicts have unfolded, resulting in tragic loss of life. There have been cries of political persecution, wanton harassment, and a toxic exchange of words that do not contribute positively to the state but rather diminish its reputation for purposeful governance.


Recently, news headlines were littered with reports of an alleged assassination attempt involving the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, and the Gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party, Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka. Both sides remain firmly entrenched in their positions, clutching the rope of victimhood. It is profoundly disheartening to bear witness to such a lamentable reality, where individuals driven by a sense of purpose and civility erode peace and amplify the drums of anger and resentment. No society can achieve greatness when it is consumed by the poison of conflict. The reported assassination attempt in Kogi serves as a sorrowful testament to our existence as a people with enlightened aspirations, tarnishing the state’s image and setting a precedent of chaos. No society achieves greatness when consumed by the bile of conflict.


Now is not the time to remain neutral bystanders or tenants of the fence. It is a moment for every conscientious citizen of the state to condemn the burgeoning political tension and hostility in Kogi. This era should be dedicated to productive investments in the state, rather than being engulfed in a destructive war of attrition. Every group and individual with vested interests should be summoned to the table of dialogue, where reason can prevail. For Kogi holds within itself the potential for greatness, far surpassing the futility of meaningless squabbles. Let the development that takes root in Kogi be characterized by progress, impact, and value, rather than shame and primitivism. The world has progressed beyond archaic thinking.


Democracy ensures that every shade of aspiration is recognized, and every interest group should be allowed to exercise their franchise without premeditated restrictions. The land belongs to all, as it is the natural right of every individual to be free in the pursuit of happiness. Anyone who obstructs the aspirations of others is impeding the very essence of nature and the principles of the law. Let everyone be permitted to breathe the air of political rights.


Violence must never be the recourse in the allocation of power. Instead, consultation, lobbying, and electoral votes should serve as the determining factors for political aspirations. Let those who possess the persuasive power of ideas triumph in the court of the voters, who ultimately hold the power of decision. Let us not burn down the house in pursuit of a mere rat.


The law enforcement agencies in the state bear a critical responsibility to safeguard the rights of every individual. It is imperative that they rise up to this task, ensuring the protection of citizens without favoritism or bias. Security agencies should transcend their role as mere enforcers and instead embody the principles of impartiality and fairness. By doing so, they can earn the trust and confidence of the people, fostering a sense of security and justice within the state.


In light of the upcoming gubernatorial race in Kogi, it is crucial for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to display unwavering commitment to ensuring a smooth electoral process. As this will be his first involvement in supervising an election exercise as president, it presents an opportunity for him to demonstrate his dedication to democratic principles. Given his professed belief in democracy and his position as a leader clothed in democratic garb, the people expect nothing less than a firm commitment from the president to act with integrity and fairness towards all parties involved in the forthcoming Kogi gubernatorial race.


President Tinubu’s role in this process extends beyond mere oversight; it encompasses the promotion of transparency, accountability, and equal opportunities for all candidates. The president should ensure that the electoral process is free from any form of undue influence or manipulation. By championing a level playing field, he can help foster an atmosphere of trust and legitimacy in the democratic process. The people of Kogi state, and indeed the entire nation, look to President Tinubu to uphold the principles of democracy and ensure that the will of the people is upheld.


In addition to his responsibilities as president, President Tinubu should leverage his influence and reach to encourage peaceful and inclusive political participation in Kogi state. He can use his platform to advocate for constructive dialogue, cooperation, and respect among all stakeholders. By setting a positive example, the president can inspire a culture of political maturity and responsible leadership.


It is incumbent upon President Tinubu to recognize the significance of his role in this pivotal moment for Kogi state. The fair and transparent conduct of the electoral process will not only impact the immediate outcome but will also shape the perception of democracy in the state and the nation at large. As a democrat and leader, President Tinubu has the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy by ensuring that the forthcoming Kogi gubernatorial race is conducted in accordance with democratic values and principles. By doing so, he can strengthen the democratic foundations of Nigeria and set a precedent for future elections in the country.


Crucially musing





Abdullahi O.Haruna (Haruspice)




Communication Strategist.

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