Tinubu’s Certificate Burden By Olaleye Olawale

A lot of people had been hitherto miffed at former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar for continuously pressing hard for President Bola Tinubu’s disputed certificate, awarded by the Chicago State University and other related documents. It’s understandable and justifiable!


These people had questioned: What good are those documents to the disputed presidential election, now at the Supreme Court? This writer, too, had thought it was sheer distraction and a waste of time by Atiku, who probably just wanted to keep the government on its toes for opposition purposes.


But this position might have changed with many people later in the week, after Tinubu arrested an order of a US court, which had instructed the university to release the documents to Atiku. The PDP presidential candidate succeeded with his push.


Even the FBI had reportedly promised to start releasing some 2500 documents in phases from October, since Tinubu is no longer a private citizen and that the request for his records followed the Freedom of Information Act.


However, just one line in Tinubu’s grounds for arresting the court order has raised concerns for many people, including yours truly. The president said releasing the documents could cause “severe and irreparable damage” to him. He went on to suggest a suitable date for its release. Allahu akbar!


Anyway, a lot of people are currently lost. The point is: How does releasing your certificate, which you boasted to have earned; swore to under oath, and to which the institution itself confirmed days ago that you’re one of its alumni, damage you?


It’s, therefore, okay to start thinking now that there’s more to this “hide and seek” over a mere certificate beyond the continuing propaganda by the president’s powerful and surviving media machine.


Honestly, that line is curious, if not embarrassing, over a certificate you earned as a “brilliant student.”


It is well

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