Tribute to my Gimbiya @50  By Ustaz Yunus Salahudeen

Alamdulillahi ! Alamdulillahi!! Alamdulillah Robil Alamini!!!
My thanksgiving to the creator for non of His blessings shall we deny . My Gimbiya @ 50 , Hameedah, Felicia, Khiola ,Rebecca Alias  Kudende of Zokoriko Bint Michael  Dunka Zaujat Ustaz  Yunus  Salahudeen,  you are a wonderful Woman .
My Wife , I Wish you get everything your heart desires on occasion of your Golden Age because that exactly what you deserve.
 My better half, day after day you have shown me what a blessing you are and how thankful I am for the day I met you in a sacred Mosque, I cherish every moment we share together a never ending joy despite  numerous trials along the journey of our life as couple .
May  Allah continue to shower his countless mercies, favour and abundance of grace on you. Many more successful, joyous, fruitful and prosperous years ahead in Allah’s Rahman, Risqa, Shekina,Taqwa, Eeman ….
Warafanahu Mankana  Aleyah , I love you Gimbiya.
My prayers is that we should be partner in progress and services to Allah and humanity In Shaa-Allah.

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