VIRAL VIDEO: Rivers lady begging President Tinubu to declare state of emergency in Rivers State … Over destruction of lives and govt properties … Says a gov who describes Rivers as jungle should be clipped fast

A viral video has surfaced on social media networks where a Rivers woman was calling on President Bola Tinubu to quickly declare a State of Emergency in the state over unnecessary destruction of properties.

In the clip, the lady chronicled on massive destruction of government properties because the tenure of local government chairmen expired today.

Narrative of the video;

“It is quite unbelievable, it is quite unfortunate, that we are seeing what is happening in Rivers state today, how do we get here for heavens sake?

” How do we get here ?
When you have a governor that does not obey the rule of law, this is what you have . This is what you get at the end of the day.

” Crisis everywhere in Rivers state. Crisis everywhere. Ok let me agree and believe with them that the tenure of the council chairmen has elapsed today. Does that call for conflict ?

” Does that call for fight? Has the governor constituted the caretaker chairman? Why sending people? Why sending thugs to go and destroy the properties that belongs to Rivers people?

“There is problem in Degema as I speak to you right now, there is problem is Asari-Toru as I speak with you right now. The governor has fold his hands and sent thugs on these guys to go and ensure that Rivers people does not sleep with their eyes closed.

“I therefore call the president of this country His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to declare state of emergency in Rivers state. So as for peace to reign declare state of emergency in this state.

“We have a governor that does not obey the rule of law, we have a governor that has made noises all over that there will be no peace, imagine a governor telling people he governs that “jungle don mature” as in the jungle wey don mature is what we are just experiencing today?

” Is the governor of Rivers state His Excellency sir S telling us that he is not aware of what is happening in the state ?

” Our dear president come to our aid, save Rivers state, save Rivers people declare a state of emergency now in the state. Hence we have a governor that does not obey the rule of law this is my position.
Thank you!

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