We’ll sustain defeat of terrorist groups across Nigeria – DHQ ….. Troops neutralise 213 Terrorists, several criminal elements arrested

The Nigerian Military authority has assured that the aim of the military in ongoing counterinsurgency war is the enduring defeat of terrorist groups across the country and the dismantling of their military capabilities, such that they can no longer terrorize or hurt citizens.


This was disclosed by Major General Edward Buba,Director Defence Media Operations at a bi-weekly media briefing on the ongoing military operations in Nigeria.


Buba accordingly said the armed forces remain focussed determined to enduring defeat of terrorists groups and other criminals elements across Nigeria.


“As in every war, there are complexities and ours is no exception. Recently, cases of citizens being abducted in the NE, NW and NC theatres of operations were recorded. These citizens were abducted by a brutal and blood tasty group that should only be addressed as terrorist, and not bandits. I repeat, these are terrorist and not bandits.


“They are holding these citizens against their will and against all norms of human behaviour, and against the laws of armed conflict and any good measure in the world. No doubt , this is a difficult situation, but not one that is insurmountable.


” The hostage situation is an extremely sensitive one which unfortunately is not unprecedented in the history of the ongoing war. These hostages are being held in locations that are difficult to get to, but not out of reached. The situation is however indicative of the desperation of these terrorist to avoid troops onslaught by all means.


“Recall that in recent times troops have decimated several of the terrorist leaders, commander and foot soldiers in and fast closing in one several others. These terrorist have exhibited cowardice by going for such soft targets to impede troops advances. I assure you that we will not rest until they are returned” General Buba disclosed.


Meanwhile, the military authority has said during the week under review. Troops neutralised 213 and arrested 216 of them. Troops also arrested 67 perpetrators of oil theft and rescued 26 kidnapped hostages. In the SS, troops denied the oil theft of the estimated sum of One Billion Five Hundred and Fifty Eighty Million Six Hundred and Sixty Five Thousand and Eighty Naira (N1,558,665,080.00) only.


The troops also recovered 189 assorted weapons and 4,003 assorted ammunition.


The breakdown as follows: 111 AK47 rifles, G3 rifle, 31 locally fabricated guns, 5 pump action guns, automatic pump action guns, 26 dane guns, 4 locally made double barrels, 2 fabricated pistols, RPG bomb and IEDs (OGBUNIGWE).


Others are: 2,766 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, 982 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 240 live cartridges, 2 shortgun cartridges, 13 rounds of 9mm ammo, 36 empty cases of 7.62mm ammo, 38 magazines, 3 G3 magazines, 8 vehicles, 44 motorcycles, 19 mobile phones, 4 bicycles, rifle butt, rifle stock and the sum of N628,000.00 amongst other items.


Troops in the Niger Delta area discovered and destroyed 150 dugout pits, 30 boats, 73 storage tanks, 209 drums and 15 vehicles. Other items recovered incl 105 cooking ovens, 3 pumping machines, 2 outboard engines, one tricycle, 4 motorcycles and 45 illegal refining sites. Troops recovered 1,227,470 litres of stolen crude oil, 313,780 litres of illegally refined AGO and 13,000 litres of PMS.


On the hostage situation, DHQ said the situation can be deduced that the search and rescue effort was grossly affected by the none timely notification of troops of the incident.


Buba said “Nevertheless, I can assure you that we will not rest until these hostages are returned.


“However,because of the sensitivity of the matter, I can not go into further details as to signs of life, location, and the different options that we have in order to get these hostages ”


“I can further assure that, getting these hostages back is very clearly on the top of our priorities. It is for this reason we have leveraged on our international partners for support. Accordingly, they are providing the necessary support including intelligence that is giving us the advantage in dealing with the ugly situation.


“Importantly, as it is often said, we are at war and ugly things happen during war. During times of war, it is common place to witnness propaganda, deception, misinformation, disinformation and fake news. Our situation is no different.


“There is therefore the need for citizens to be circumspect when they see post from these terrorist groups and their cohorts, particularly on social media. These groups feed on the attention that they receive in the media to sway the populace. We must be conscious of that and avoid being used directly or indirectly against our national interest .


“Of recent, these terrorist initiated a post that went viral on the attack of military vehicles. It might interest you to know that, that particular incident was reported when it occurred in Dec 2023. One soldier lost his life as a result of the attack. Afterward, troops conducted synchronised attacks killing the leader of that group and several of his foot soldiers.


“The post therefore is clearly an act of desperation by the terrorist to conceal their weakness. Overall, We are winning the war and making life unbearable for these terrorist. We continue to degrade them each passing day. We have seriously depleted their ranks to the extent that they are on a desperate recruitment drive, hence some of the witnessed abductions.


“Several of their leaders and commanders have been neutralised as a result of troops onslaught. They want to use these hostages as human shield for their survival. Nevertherless, be assured that we will not rest until the hostages are returned.


“As patriotic citizens, we must resist the temptation to celebrate post from terrorist and enemies of the state. These are not good people, rather they are devils from the pit of hell. Consequently, If you find yourself celebrating terror, you’re wrong. Pure and simple”Buba stated








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