When You Understand Trials Your Troubles are over

I like to share with you a winning strategy that has kept me ahead of all my trials and challenges. If this humble suggestion from me is all you can read and implement in your life, I am very confident you will praise Allah for ever for granting you the keys to true success. Those who understand trials are never affected by it whether it comes by way of honour or humiliation, prosperity or adversity, promotions or demotions, appointments or disappointments, appreciation or lack of it.

A trial is defined as whatever comes your way as a human being whether good or bad. Allah says we shall test you with what you consider as bad and what you consider as good. Both are trials. Read Quran 21 vs 35. So when you are granted life, do not over rejoice, you are on trial. Your Lord wants to test you and discover what you will do with what you have been blessed with and what you have been denied.

SECRET ONE Be grateful over what you have by worshipping Allah ceaselessly like those who are still seeking it. Do not because of your position forget salat, zakat, dawah etc. Live like the ordinary Muslim you have ever been.

SECRET TWO Be patient over what you lack by worshipping Allah ceaselessly like those who have been granted. If you claim you are patient then be steadfast in worshipping Allah. Do not look at those who have been granted as having anything above you. They only have more trials than you do. If you look back you will see millions who lack what you have. Some are just seeking good health in their lives. Others want to breathe by themselves and not through a life support machine. Look back and be grateful for being alive. When there is life there is hope. More Interesting is the fact that Allah will never take you to task over what you do not have. Spend only from what we have given you. If you do not have, Allah will never ask you to go and steal or borrow. You will still make the same Al jannah with your few coins that the millionaire must spend millions to attain. Allahu Akbar!

That is why He relieves us of challenges in several situations. If Allah asks you to use water for ablution and you do not have water or it is not healthy for your skin to use water due to an illness, you are allowed to perform sand ablution. If Allah asks you to observe fasting and you are sick, He asks you to abstain from fasting. If Allah asks you to perform Hajj and you have the intention but do not have the means, you will be rewarded like those who performed it because your Lord will never ask you what He has not given you. We lose nothing when we lack. Allahu Akbar!

SECRET THREE Know that Allah is the examiner and you are the one being examined. You can not choose the examination question. Only the examiner sets the questions. He tests us differently with wealth or poverty, good health or poor health, sound mind or imbecility, strength or weakness, leadership or followership, authority or persecution etc
To enable us pass the examination He has revealed the syllabus,the scheme of work, past questions and marking schemes all available in the Quran and Hadith.
There is nothing happening to you which has not been foretold in the Quran. You can also read about those who faced similar trials in the past and how they were able to overcome it. Take Qarun and Sulaimon as word and opposite. Both were given wealth. Qarun was ungrateful while Sulaimon was grateful and devoted in spite of having more than Qarun. Also take Pharaoh and Dhul Qarnain when it comes to Authority and power. Pharaoh misused it to persecute and oppress while Dhul Qarnain used his power and authority to help and benefit humanity.

SECRET FOUR Always understand that your knowledge about events is limited. You may dislike a situation and there may be a lot of good in it for you. Conversely you may like or desire a situation and there may be a lot of evil in it. Allah knows while you know not. Therefore be very careful and cautious when events unfold. Always respond by saying Allah knows best. You will be surprised that it will turn out prosperous.

SECRET 5: Be very humble in spite of your elevation. Even if you are higher than some people you can never be higher than the Lord who created you. Therefore do not let your appointment change your normal way of life. Be yourself at all times. Do not forget your family, colleagues and friends.

SECRET 6 Do not be disappointed over your failure to attain a desired position. When a door closes, several doors are about to open which were not known to you. Allah may close a door to save you from the treachery and evil machinations of enemies. Be satisfied with Allah’s decision in your life. Allah is always correct.
Good morning n have a wonderful day

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