With Your Population, You Have The Power To Decide The Nation’s Destiny- Youth Minister charges Progressive Youth

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare has charged All Progressives Congress (APC) Youth to be the harbinger of hope that will chart the pathway to a more prosperous nation.
Speaking via a recorded message to the mammoth crowd of progressive youth from the South-west and Kwara state at the Progressive Youth Festival in Ibadan Saturday, Dare went down memory lane to acknowledge the contribution of APC Youth to the victory of the party in 2015, stating without their sacrifice, the feat wouldn’t have been possible.
“Amongst the faces here today are compatriots that were with us when we recorded the first successful merger in our nation’s annals, when in the trenches, we fought tenaciously to defeat an incumbent President, and a ruling party that had boasted it would rule for 60 years. That feat wouldn’t have been possible without you – Progressive youth. Your contributions to our triumph is immense, and to the defence of our party and government, tremendous. Thank you”, he stated.
Speaking further, the Minister hailed the giant strides of Youth in all sectors, expressing satisfaction that gradually, they are making impact in Politics. He urged Progressive Youth to market the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari administration especially in the area of Youth empowerment, emphasised the need to disabuse the minds of young people that government programmes is for a privileged few.
“Far too many apply themselves to opportunities in private sector than they do to Government programmes designed to empower and invest in their potential. The belief that they are meant for the connected or a few privileged is not true and has to be disabused. At least I know that under this administration, there has been a considerable level playing field to access opportunities, irrespective of political or elite affiliations. This message must go out, we must blow our trumpet. This cannot be done without you, our Progressive Youth”, the Minister asserted.
On the forthcoming APC National convention, Dare charged the youth to participate actively by supporting candidates that will best serve their interest in the party’s National Working Committee (NWC), stating that issues that agitate their minds like the establishment of a reward system mechanism,institutionalisation of a discernible progressive ideology, better Youth inclusion amongst others can be achieved if National officers that believe in these ideals are elected.
Charging the Youth to rise above limitations and distractions, the Minister asserted that young people with their population have the power to decide the nation’s destiny, urging progressive youth to lead the renaissance. “We must determine to trudge on, to put ourselves out, against all odds. There will be thorns and thistles on the way, there will be obstacles, but we must resolve to never give up!”, Dare added.
While reeling out various Government initiatives for Youth Development, Dare emphasised the need for the APC to retain power next year to prevent a roll back of the progress made.
” As a result of the job we have done, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) late last year included our Ministry to the National Development Plan (NDP), 2021-2025 – quite unprecedented, and N60bn was allocated to Youth development while N88bn to Sports development for the next 4 years. So when I say we are poised to do more, this is what gives me that confidence, especially as this will outlive the present administration. But we must return APC to power next year, if we don’t want a roll-back of these gains”.
“Our party has started defining a clear ideology in Nigerian governance. President Muhammadu Buhari is pursuing the ideology of investing in infrastructure rather than diverting those investments to personal pursuits. The ideology of investing in our youths rather than milking them for non existent jobs. The ideology of investing in our military to enable them provide an enabling environment rather than using scarce resources to feed political ambitions. We are laying the foundation for a Nigeria that is able to produce and sustain viable and proud citizens. We will be relying on you, once again, to ensure this trajectory is sustained”, the Minister emphasised.
Dare concluded by admonishing the ruling party’s Youth to let ideas set them apart, whilst continuing to build capacity and add value, stating that is the surest path to taking charge. “As progressive Youth, the future of our party and our nation rest on your shoulders. You must resolve to do the hard work, to be the harbinger of hope that will chart the pathway to a more prosperous nation, that the generation of your children will be proud of”. Dare enthused.

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