Workers’ Day: Fostering Trust in Government Policies for a Stronger Future Together ,By Dr Olayode Abdurasaq Oluwole

Happy Workers’ Day! On this special day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication of all workers. We also extend our gratitude to the government for their efforts in creating policies that support and protect workers’ rights.

There is a need for trust between citizens and the government. Trust is crucial for building social contracts and ensuring compliance with those agreements. It impacts social stability, economic prosperity, and national cohesion.
Citizens often express distrust in government policies due to various factors, such as the implementation of government policies, recent news about salary increments, the student loan scheme, DSTV tariff, and unfulfilled government promises. Even during elections, citizens find it challenging to trust the processes.
To foster trust, governments must prioritize transparency. Proactively releasing public information is essential for building trust between government and the public. When there is trust, government leaders can undertake bigger, longer-term projects with public support and increase the public’s understanding of available resources. This leads to more willingness from citizens to contribute time and money through taxes to government projects.
Accountability is another crucial aspect. When governments are transparent, it becomes easier to hold them accountable. This accountability encourages governments to operate more efficiently, knowing they can be held responsible for their actions.
However, it’s important to acknowledge that trust levels between citizens and their government have been fluctuating in recent years, with some surveys reporting trust as low as 33% and others as high as 70%. This highlights the need for continuous efforts to enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency in government operations.
As we celebrate, it’s important to remember the significance of trust in government policies. Trust allows us to forge a stronger bond between citizens and the government, leading to a more harmonious society. Let’s keep faith in the government’s commitment to improving our lives and continue to trust in their policies.
By prioritizing transparency, accountability, and efficiency, governments can further strengthen this trust. Proactive communication, openness about decision-making processes, and fulfilling promises will go a long way in building a solid foundation of trust.
Together, we can work towards a brighter future, where citizens and the government collaborate hand in hand for the betterment of society. Happy Workers’ Day once again, and let’s continue to trust in the positive impact of government policies
*Dr. Olayode Abdurasaq Oluwole,a Development Communication Scholar, writes from Abuja

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