2019 HAJJ: FCT Pilgrims Stage Protest In Saudi Arabia over NAHCON Negligence

The Pilgrims from Federal Capital Territory, Abuja today opened up on their ordeal due to negligence by the National Hajj Commission NAHCON.

The protesting pilgrims claimed they had been abandoned in the Saudi Arabia without any arrangements to be airlifted to Nigeria.

The Pilgrims who were visibly angry complained bitterly ,held the FCT Pilgrims and welfare Board Director along side some Hajj Officials
to ransom during the protest

The Pilgrims resulted to protest after been kept for over two weeks after completion of their religious rites.

They expressed dissatisfaction over ill treatment perpetrated National Hajj Commission NAHCON ranging from food and accommodation to the airlifting of Pilgrims.

“Pilgrims from other states have been airlifted including many small African nations yet Abuja Pilgrims are yet to be airlifted with excuses that they are receiving orders from the National Hajj commission of Nigeria (NAHCON).” affected Pilgrims said.

A visibly Pilgrim added “This is a clarion call to the Nigeria Government under Buhari led Administration to revisit the case of an activist who is today serving his jail term in Suleja in person of Comrade I.G Wala over the allegations of Corruption, misappropriation and inhuman treatment of Pilgrims.

A Presidential Investigative Panel must be set up by Buhari led Administration to Investigate the Integrity of the Commission.”

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