2020 A YEAR FOR NEW CX By Aliyu Ilias

The year 2020 started like every year but with uncertainty going forward, every customer experience prediction for the year 2020 prove wrong, the brands has planned to attend to customer with several way to satisfy their customers and create more loyalty.
Customers as well prepared to get a better service and continue to look for a good customer experience company to patronise.
The game changed in the year 2020 for companies and customers, many companies closed down their businesses, many brands changed their product and services, I recall a firm that operated a 5-star hotel in Lagos, this firm during the Covid-19 lock down, turned into a restaurant, they prepare food and deliver it to customers on request.
This lesson cut across different sectors, every organisation did not only think outside the box but are creating a new box of service and product process and turnaround time.
The new box is the new normal, simply because all the conventional approach are no longer working for all brands. The year 2020 bring about remote working system which cannot change going forward, it brings in more empathy which is the core focus for customer experience as it affects every person on the surface of the earth.
2020 appreciated speed and efficiency from brands and it also bring service close to customers, many companies that survive the year 2020 definitely do something different and took service and product closer to their customer like never before, in fact customer dictate the service and product like never before. It is a year that companies ask customer how they want to be served, where and when to deliver,
Most of these changed experienced in the year 2020 will definitely shaped customer expectation in the year 2021, more so Covid-19 is still very much around and customer purchasing power are still not balance, consequently a lot of change in customer experience has come to stay in the history book of customer experience globally.

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