2021: The Year to Wage War Against Moral Depravity and #EndSlavery By Taofiq Adesina Azeez

I thank the Almighty on our behalf that we survived the turbulent 2020 and we are here in 2021 hoping to survive it too.
I believe, however, that survival is not enough but living quality life in Time and Space in which we have been placed by our Creator.
Quality life is impossible if we must continue to sink into Moral Depravity into which we have been thrown by the Traditional, Religious and Political Leadership as they help one another to our collective patrimonies and fight dirty only when the sharing formula tilts too much in favour of undesirable sections.
It is Moral Depravity for a Cleric, Bishop or Imam to tacitly support, or call for violence of any sort including a coup while ventilating his fury over pecuniary marginalization in the criminal looting of our common vault. THIS MUST BE FOUGHT TO LIVE A QUALITY LIFE IN 2021.
It is Moral Depravity to sentimentally praise incompetence and insensitivity that have made ZERO or FAILED EDUCATION throw us into the deepest hell of INSECURITY and failed life. It is Moral Depravity to, also, sentimentally condemn incompetence and failed life based on the tribe and faith of the political actors as if hunger speaks a particular language and belongs to a particular tribe. This BLINDNESS MUST BE FOUGHT TO LIVE WELL IN 2021.
It is Moral Depravity to keep quiet when your traditional and religious leaders share the loot with your Political office and other leaders in appointments, contracts and brazen stealing and these loots do not reach you in any way but reflect in the good life of your dealers and their families and cronies. THESE LEADERS MUST BE INTEROGATED TO LIVE WELL IN 2021.
It is Moral Depravity for your religious leaders to raise funds from Government and non-governmental Organizations and individuals without auditing and or accountability. WE MUST HOLD OUR RELIGIOUS LEADERS ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS DONE ON OUR BEHALF and INSIST on AUDITING of the ACCOUNTS of our religious Organizations inorder to live well in 2021.
My Teacher taught me to CHANGE EVILS with my HAND, or with my TONGUE; or with my MIND, and the last one is the weakest of Faith which I don’t think I deserve.
I wish you well in 2021, but you must #EndSlavery.
Prof. Taofiq Adesina Azeez
Department of English,
University of Abuja
1st January, 2021

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