5 Reasons You need Good Internal Customer Service By Aliyu ilias

Every customer experience be it good or bad starts from internal customer experience, it is like the common saying of garbage in garbage out, if a firm fails to manage its internal customer experience well, it will reflect in the external customer experience. When the internal structure of an organization fails to encourage each other to do their job, it will inevitably result in a bad customer experience for external customers, in my customer experience training Abuja and from the work of Nigeria mystery shoppers provider Abuja, Lagos. below are some of the benefits of a good internal customer experience.


Create a Culture of excellent service delivery

A culture that boosts employee morale is desirable in every organization, when employees feel valued they surely treat every customer that comes around with the aim of winning them over for the company to have a favourable bottom line for the organization


Increased employee pro­duc­tiv­ity and per­for­mance

Management staff do not face customers to understand the day-to-day needs of customers, but employee’s responsibility is to attend to the customer’s needs. Management must handle the employee very well to achieve expected productivity and performance. Provision of requisite working conditions and ambience for staff to work bring effective and efficient service delivery that translates to the expected bottom line.


Feedback and action

Internal customer service gives room for feedback, company competitive advantage can be understood by the value of customers and how the service delivery meets their requirements. According to Nigeria mystery shoppers provider research staff can measure customer satisfaction and expectations through customer feedback and this, in turn, helps the company to grow and improve in future.


Clear expectations and service standard

Internal customer service helps to eliminate misunderstandings of company service processes and avoid ambiguity. Because if the internal customer did not understand the process it will affect the service process and delivery to external customers. Clear internal interaction will give understanding and definition to all employees and they will be fully aware of their responsibility to maintain standards and give the company’s external customers the desired experience.


Employee retention

Employee retention is very important as it helps to keep talented employees and reduce the cost of training or employ need by employees. Showing appreciation to employees through good salary, and creating health and work balance for employees will make them commit to excellent service delivery to external customers.








Aliyu Ilias is the Author of Customer Service Management,Understanding Customer Experience in Africa & CEMBundle.He writes from Abuja.


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