A thorn in the flesh By Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

Contrary to their machinations, he keeps bouncing back in rejuvenated rapidity. They pronounced him dead, he resurrected in frightening vitality exuding more zest and life. Not done with their constricted venom, they acted a script and wore him a garment of shame but they forgot to involve God in their design.

Not satisfied with their venom mills, they went to town with the narrative of a cloned man. They called him Jubril of Sudan and the world laughed at their stupidity.

For everything he does, they fume in venom, purging in fermented anger. For them, they can only be happy only if the man is dead, that is their wish and prayer points in their sanctuary of hate. One thing they failed to realise is that ‘while they plot, the master planner laugh in mockery of their infantile machinations. They forgot that he who God has blessed, no man can curse.

Contrary to their expectations, President Muhammadu Buhari didn’t only speak in superlative adjectives, he dazzled in fascinating dexterity echoing sonorously in oratory splendour.

As against their wish, he stood gidigba like the rock of Gibraltar as he spoke to Nigerians and pierce the evil wailers with sustain bitterness. As for us, we shall be tied to the apron of the man they love to hate until nature decides otherwise. For now, it is Buhari or never. Rejuvenatedly musing

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