Youth h in France are protesting against the African slave market in Libya.
Interestingly, no such on the continent? No government has said anything meaningful about the incident. The kind of leaders we have on this continent are baffling.
First I am disappointed in the Leadership of African Union Commission for saying that they were not carried along during the Libyan Invasion by the west. My question is , who were those to Carry you along in a case that happened in your geographic jurisdiction? That statement has exposed the hitherto hidden fact that the entire Africa is still under the siege of the west. This is absurd.

Similar thing led to the Arab spring, worse things are happening now and if not checked would sink and consume both the west and their African puppets.

As an organization, we have worked very hard in the promotion of what AU and UN have for humanity in general. But what we get in return from them is nonchalant services.
I am blaming the West for aiding and abetting atrocious moves that had plunged our continent into precipice. I call on African Youth all over the world to rise above inconsequential jagoons in the name of Seminars and conferences. This is time to question the world order and stand on what is right for Africa. If the trend is not checked, Africa will collapse completely before 25yrs from today.

Under our nose, Gaddafi was murdered with stupid dummy which we shamelessly bought. Since his demise, how is Libya now?. When will all these things stop? They will not until we take a practical step away from speaking English.
They sold to us all their language’s in Africa, creating gap for the extinction of my own language.

” Obi odighi m mma n’ikwu eziokwu. Kedu ka anyi si gba nkiti ihe ana emebi? Chukwu abiama bia Nye anyi ako na Uche oburu na anyi enweghi “.

I am pleading that we share this to all our media outlets please. I don’t owe them interpretation of my Igbo Language. Oyibo should go and learn my language.
We have tried diplomacy for too long, it seems not to be working. The west should be sincere with their dealings with us. The Libyan authorities should intervene to block every leaking border. Those patronizing in this illicit slave deal should be apprehended.
I expressed my anger as raw as undiluted as we agreed as executive of IPAYP.
Long live African Youth all over!
Long live IPAYP.

Amb Obinna Sixtus Nwoke,
Global President Independent Pan African Youth Parliament.

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