Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn Is Bigger Than The Governors By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

The most ludicrous thing I have heard and read this year is; Miyetti Allah asking to be part of Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn. This is the same outfit they railed against, insulted us over, abused our governors and threatened us. When insults, abuse and intimidation failed, they are trying coercion. No!

Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn is a value system. Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn is an ideological change in crime prevention. Our land must be protected, our sacred places are not for cattle. Miyetti Allah should graze their cows in the vast Savannah of the North, there is plenty of security work for them up north. They should go, and guide Zamfara from Bandits and protect Katsina from Kidnappers. Their is plenty of work for them in Katsina. A few days ago, villagers in a Katsina village were told to contribute N1m to prevent attack. They are needed there. We don’t want Miyetti Allah in our outfit. This is about our survival. We love life, we love our way of life and we can’t afford to become an engine room of misery and failure.

No governor will dare go against our wish. We have an army of jobless youth to employ. We don’t need Miyetti Allah. We have our own stakeholders. The Governors birthed Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn but it is now bigger than them. The Yoruba have an existential and emotional attachment to Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn. Miyetti Allah should stay off!

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