Aregbesola and the Rascal Intruder By Haruspice

You rushed abroad with the deadly erroneous conclusion that the place reeked of milk and honey, only to realise that the place is not a welfarist society where almost everything is given to you for free like in Nigeria. After many years of doing many jobs and paying for every damn comfort you enjoy, you then realised how sapped your life is and boom you become frustrated and paranoid. In your constricted bitterness, you turn your warped anger on your country and its officials.


Conservatively, the above scenario describes the attitude of some Nigerians in foreign lands, they are angry, bitter and frustrated and always dagger drawn ready to strike anyone. A clear case was the shameful manifestation by one nitwit who accosted and harassed Rauf Aregbesola in one of the foreign countries recently. The outspent nincompoop brought out his phone and started recording Aregbesola who was having lunch. And the effrontery in which the dude displayed his crass ignorance where he was talking about right in the US irks me. So, in the US, the law permits you to record people and harass them? This is what you get with people who sold their birthright and ancestral lands to fund their trips abroad. They lose their thinking capacity and submit to vain illusions.


They should know that they choose to enslave themselves when they emptied their savings to travel abroad to serve their hosts, no one should transfer frustration to anyone. Rather than being angry with people they should blame themselves for preferring the breast of outsiders to their mothers. Life gives you what you want.


No one gives you the power to help us wail about Nigeria, unlike you, we stayed back to fix our broken wares. We didn’t run away from our problems in embrace of foreign land where their founding fathers sacrificed to build sustaining legacies anchored on true values. The dude that harassed Aregbe has a father who should be Aregbe’s mate, where was his father when Aregbe was out in the rain building his career to the extent of becoming a local government chairman, governor and now minister? People should stop being bothered about the success of others and concentrate more on how to build their own legacies. What that guy did was clear display of witchcraft.


Successful people are not your enemies, they are not the reason you are not successful. Instead of hating them, take a crash course on how they become successful in the same land you inhabit. Gaskiyaly musing

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