As the gatekeeper exits the palace… By Abdullahi O. Haruna Haruspice .

The most hated and despised in the palace is usually the one who protects the king the most. Kyari got the venom because he protected Buhari from the pawn of interest. And who the man was in the last five years of his existence is principally the creation of those whose interests were affected- they sold the alibi to the media and the media amplified the script sold to them. Everything we know and knew about Mallam Abba Kyari was the dummy sold to us by third parties and fifth columnists in government whose interests got altered, halted and stampeded by the gatekeeper called Abba Kyari.

Hajia Turai Yar’ Adua suffered this same orchestrated label, the term cabal was made very popular in our lexicon during the presidential reign of late Musa Yar’ Adua. Those not favoured by the government quickly hatched a plot to bring the government down and the first salvo went to Turai as she was painted in the colour of Lucifer, decorated in the apparel of Jezebel and crowned with headgear of a ruthless empress who controls the thinking of her husband the president. She was the beginning and the end of the administration, they labelled. She could fire and appoint ministers at will- she was the boss woman to a liverless president- the Lord of the manor, she was the cabal! And these stuck to her and the government of her husband until the curtain drew and their time in the villa came to an end. As usual, the media was stoutly on ground to give life to the template of the vested interests and they succeeded.

Unfortunately, the dirt poured on Turai were cleansed the very day she exited the corridor of power.

Most of what we say and write are tales, realities and conjectures handed us by perceptions, we are not near the truth- we are just amplifiers of other people’s interest. We speak in tempestuous audacity things we have no real knowledge of- we are mere enablers of others orchestrated plots. And at the centre of this reality is the media who has been turned to baby robber in the manipulative hands of vested interests. Majority of the greatness and emptiness of people in power are created and embellished by the pen pushers. Like lawyers, like doctors, they serve the interest of their interests, and it is purely professional. Therefore, before you progress in error and play the verdict king, have it that your writings and standpoints are beautifully written handouts of invested interests. Nothing happens by chance in politics, there are always drummers behind the scene giving tunes in different rhythm.

Mallam Abba Kyari is gone, far away from the king and soon a new man or woman would ascend the throne of the gatekeeper. And the same thing template would be given to us by the stakeholders, like before, we shall tow the same lane in perceiving the new gatekeeper in the creation of the dummy sold to the amplifiers. This is the reality of life, everything happens not by chance but by carefully orchestrated plans. May we not be used to paint others in the colours that aren’t theirs.


Vestedly musing

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