BAN ON HIJAB :MURIC, Others Protest,as Court Halts Public Hearing

The public hearing slated for today 14th March by the House of Representatives on the denial of call to bar of Firdaus Amasa Aljannah by the Nigeria Law School and the Body of Benchers insisting she must be off her hijab was again postponed after all parties invited for the hearing were at the conference room.

Amasa Firdaus, a Law school Graduate who was barred from call to bar the Nigerian Law School over Hijab controversy during a public hearing which was stopped by a court injunction at National Assembly in Abuja on Wednesday.

This was as a result of a court interlocutory injunction granted by a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja which was only served at the committee yesterday at around 3:10pm.

The Chairman of the public hearing committee painstakingly explain all the processes they underwent to ensure that justice prevail in this matter.

He however maintained that a court order whether erroneously granted need to be obeyed to honour the institution. But assured that they will do all it takes to dispense justice in this case.

L-R : Abdur-Rahman Balogun , President, Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria , Prof Is-haq Akintola , Director,Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Jamil Mohammed , President, Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, during a press conference on the postponement of the public hearing on Hijab controversy between the Nigerian Law School and Amasa Firdaus ( a law school graduate ) at National Assembly Abuja on Wednesday.

Representatives of various Islamic organisations present at the public hearing expressed our displeasure through protest, immediate press conference and affirmed that they will never relent until justice prevail.

Jamil Mohammed , President, Muslim Students Society of Nigeria in a statement said “We assured that those who went to get the kangaroo court injunction are perceived agents of those who continually trample on our rights as Muslims in this nation.

We also assured that they are only buying time and wasting their resources for we shall never relent nor shall we give up this struggle for our emancipation from injustice.”

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