Basic Needs of Man is to Love and Be Loved, says Abdurasaq

By Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez
The creation of man had not made him independent of needs, therefore for the basic survival of man, He must interact with his environment for this needs to be fulfilled. If the required needs of man are not met, man will not be balanced.
These were the words of Abdurasaq Oloyede, a media practitioner, mind coach and a marriage counselor while discussing the topic:- THE HIERARCHY OF NEEDS, on his weekly friday program tagged “TALK ISLAM” on Jordan 93.9 fm.
Abdulrasaq elucidated pellucidly the needs of man using the Qur’anic ayah of Qur’an 14 ayah 38, to butress his points .
He stated; “connection with Allah (creator) is the first basic need of man, as man is not created just for existence sake. Man is created for the purpose of worship( physiological need).
“The need for security (Safety need) is the second and most important on the scale of needs for man’s survival, while the need to Love and be loved, Self Esteem and Self actualization all falls on the scale of needs of man.
” For man to thrive and attain his purpose of creation, all these needs must be fulfiled. His failure to meet these basic needs spell doom for his existence, he said.
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*Maryam Kehinde Abdulazeez,
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