Benue APC, a scam, Mike Msuaan behind the staged Pensioners group’s protests at anti graft agencies offices By Aare Abiodun De Oracular Oracle

Benue state is at its ruin now that it has got to a stage where the state chapter of APC would staged fake protests at the offices of the DSS, ICPC and EFCC under the name of a fake Pensioners group just because they want to discredit the performing government of Governor Samuel Ortom.


So shameful for the Benue opposition party to have hidden under the guise of a fake Pensioners group to stage those fake protests against Governor Samuel Ortom that he is owing them their entitlements. What a shameless opposition party in Benue state?


Let’s quickly expose the man behind the scene. He is no one but Hon. Mike Msuaan. According to multiple sources and CCTV proofs, Mike was the one that arranged the fake Benue Pensioners group at the offices of the DSS, ICPC and the EFCC just to paint Governor Ortom with a black ink. He visited those agencies last week on the instruction of a certain APC chieftain in Benue state to prepare a ground for the fake protests.


Checks also exposed that the name Alex Akosu Orban doesn’t exist in the database where names of Benue Pensioners are stored.


I have exposed that so let Hon. Msuaan stop this silly act.


I am Aare Abiodun De Oracular Oracle that eats Jollof rice in the shrine

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