CHRISTMAS: Wase urges Christians to pray for Nigeria, show love to all

Deputy speaker of the House of Representatives,Hon. Ahmed Idris Wase has enjoined Christians in Nigeria to emulate the lifestyle of Jesus Christ who lived and preached love, peace and harmony among human beings.

In a message of felicitation signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Umar Muhammad Puma, the deputy speaker congratulated all Christians in Nigeria on the occasion of Christmas, saying it provided another opportunity for adherents of the Christian faith to exude love and peace in all their endeavours.

He also enjoined Christians not to be tired of praying for the nation, but to remain steadfast and keep trusting in God, who is the creator of the universe.

“As you celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, who preached love, peace and tolerance amongst men, I also felicitate with you and urge you to emulate the love and humility he exhibited in his days on earth.

” I therefore encourage you to extend that love beyond religious, ethnic, social and sectional boundaries. Let the love with which he lived radiate in all aspects of your life and strive to use this auspicious occasion to rekindle love and respect for all”

According to Wase, “no nation can thrive or prosper in a state of rancour and hatred. Therefore, as followers of Christ, who is an advocate of peaceful coexistence, it behoves on you to emulate him and lead in the quest to enthrone enduring peace and unity in our nation”

The Deputy Speaker also admonished Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of sharing, tolerance and forgiveness, adding: “when we share with one another, we acknowledge the likeness of God in each and everyone of us; we must never be tired of doing good and forgiving those who offend us.

“I call on all Nigerians to resist the temptation of violence, hate speech and other divisive acts capable of incitement against one another and embrace only those things that can unite us as a people and a nation”

The Deputy Speaker also urged Christians be ready to make the necessary sacrifices to advance the cause of humankind and the nation.

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