Construct beneficial projects to immortalize your loved ones – Imam Fuad Adeyemi charges Muslims

Muslims have been admonished to establish enduring legacies that will improve the living condition of communities as part of their acts of worship.


The National Chief imam of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society,Imam Fuad Adeyemi gave the admonition when he while commissioning a motorized borehole in Epe community in Lagos state, constructed by Alhaji Isa Niniola in memory of his late wife Hajia Iyabo Niniola.


The Late Hajia Iyabo Niniola in whose memory the motorized borehole was constructed was until her death in February 2022, the National Secretary of Al-Habibiyyah Women Forum in Abuja.


Imam Fuad while commissioning the borehole said “constructing this motorized borehole to give clean water to this community is an act of worship which the prophet Muhammed (SAW) enjoined all Muslims to do. In Islam, we know that this type of good deed is the one that a dead person will continue to reap from because the prophet SAW told us that “when a human being dies, all ones’ deeds cease except three: a sadaqah jariyah , religious knowledge one leaves behind from which others benefit and a righteous child who prays for one.”


“In addition to the drilling a borehole, other acts that are sadaqatul Jariyah include building homes for the less privileged building mosques, planting trees, creating land for farming among others. As long as people are benefiting from what was created, the deceased will continue to receive the blessings of Allah”, Imam Fuad added.


Also speaking at the event, Alhaji isa Niniola said he constructed the borehole to immortalize the memory of his wife and to ensure that his late wife continue to receive the blessings of Allah.


The colorful event held on Sunday was attended by dignitaries from all across the state as well as representatives of the Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society,

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