Destiny killers at the Gate… By Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

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They are ordinary Nigerians like us, they mount the gates to offices where our opportunities abound. Just like you, they are out at their duty post to get their daily bread. Tragically, they exist as destiny killers- deny people legitimate entry to fixed appointments. Severally, I have had my appointments truncated because of the actions of the men at the gate. Because they see the gate where they mount as their own kingdom of power , they exert power over zealously.


The second set of destiny killers are security aides attached to big men. They seal off and condoned every legitimate access to their bosses. They give preference to big men and leave their fellow comrades in poverty out in the rain. Sadly, only the poor oppresses the poor most times. Big men are buffers to each other. Once in Kano, a security personnel attached to the DSS bluntly stopped me from gaining access to where some VIPs we’re seated and having launch. According to him, the place was reserved for them alone, I politely told him I was part of the dignatiries. He refused to budge. Men, Na so this guy let hunger mama me oh.


Few minutes later, we were at the airport. The VIPs filed into the private jet and I was left in charge of taking care of the logistics for the security guys. That was when I became a VIP in the eyes of the DSS guy oh. Suddenly, his power had ended at the gate while I now assumed purchasing power. I could decide not to give him money , typical of me, I gave him a deserved friendly treat so much that he came to apologise to me later. Even though we are now friends ,I can’t forget how he allowed hunger to almost tore my intenstine. To him, he wanted the comfort of VIPs who don’t even know him!


Secretaries are so notorious in crushing destinies, if they don’t like your face, you may end up not seeing their bosses. They are simply mean and wants to show ephemeral powers to fellow comrades in the struggle. This habit must stop for the sky is wide enough for every hustling travelers. Use your position to empower people and not to frustrate them. What is meant for him won’t be given to you when you deny him the opportunity of reaching his goldmine. Be humble and kind for kindness attracts prosperity.

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