Echocho; When they go low, we go high

Miffed by the accelerating profile of Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho, some people with the penchant for mischief sponsored a piece aimed at rubbing mud on the stoic character of Echocho- fortunately, the article ended up burnishing his image the more. When you fight a good man, you end up as his cheerleader.

The article which was buried in sponsored pages of some obscure and relatively unknown blogs contained nothing but a tissue of lies loosely packaged by a coterie of those who feel defeated even before the first ballot is cast. They fear Echocho’s unstoppable victory hence the resort to this jejune malice. Using the lens of analytics, a tool that measures media impact, this article hasn’t gone too far as it refused to attract readers’ interest. However, the response to this is not to dignify their foolery, but to put issues in proper context especially as it relates to the towering personality of Senator Echocho.

The conversation is to simply remind his traducers of the man’s unbeatable records of service as a banker where he gave good a account of himself as an astute and diligent manager of tangible and intangible resources. Remember, when they go low, we go higher by punching their ballon of lies with irrefutable facts and figures on his pristine stewardship in the last fours in the hallowed Senate Chamber. Echocho is too engaged and focused on germane issues to be distracted by the feeble kicks of battered serial liars.

Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho didn’t happen by chance, he is a product of baked discipline, starting from his austere days as a student where he bagged a first class in economics from the Bayero University Kano, he followed this up with three other degrees making him one of the few Igalas with Ph.D. degrees in three different disciplines. His days in the banking sector saw flourishing imprints of greatness, results, and growth. He was a huge success to the industry and humanity so much that he was called home to run for the gubernatorial race. It takes one with an infectious track record to be so courted.

The senator has not failed his creator as there is hardly a home in Kogi state where his benevolence hasn’t reached when he reigned as a bank chief- the same feat he is replicating as a senator. No existing records show anyone who has impacted the people legislatively like Echocho. Like his inherent orientation, he has remained glued to his tenet of unceasing service to the people. His bills speak to the reality of the people’s needs, his intervention addresses the needs of the people, the reason the people are anxious to return him to the red chamber come February.

It is the fear, trepidation, and imminent defeat that envelops these rabid characters hence the resort to the malicious attacks on the good person of Senator Echocho. They can’t match his strides, his pace is unmatched and the love the people have for him is unimaginable – all these put fears in the spine of his traducers who think resorting to bullying, character smear, and falsehood would deter the senator- hell no! Echocho is like the stone by the waterside, he gets cleaned and cleaner with every touch of water.

Relax, this is Echocho’s time, wait for yours. You don’t change a winning team.



Newman Aruwa Sanni— For Echocho Media Team

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