EMAN pays condolence visit to Ohinoyi of Ebiraland over passing of Late Dr Ado Ibrahim

An Islamic group, El-Birru Muslim Association of Nigeria (EMAN) led by its National Ameer, Arc. Abdulyekeen Mamman on Saturday 17th February,2024 paid a condolence visit to His Royal Majesty: Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tijani Muhammed Anaje ,Ohinoyi of Ebiraland in his palace over the passage of late Ohinoyi of Ebiraland His Royal Majesty Dr.Ado Ibrahim.

The EMAN National Ameer in his speech said ” May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon everyone in this Palace and all the good people of Ebiraland and of Kogi State at large.
“We the Leaders of ( EMAN) the Umbrella Islamic Organisations in Kogi Central District of Kogi State are here
to express our appreciation to Your Majesty for granting our request for a courtesy visit to your Palace, despite Your very busy schedule to meet and interact with us. We commend this gesture which reflect your intention to run an open-door Palace . We believe this interaction will spur a cordial relationship between the Muslims Ummah of Kogi Central, and your royal Majesty.
“We are formally condole with you, and the good people of Ebira on the demise of our late Paramount Ruler Dr. Ado Ibrahim of blessed memory We ask Allah to give us, his immediate family and entire Ebira people the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. May Allah protect everything he left behind forthe good of our land.
“Your Royal Majesty, the Muslim of Kogi State, felicitate with you on your Turbanning/ Installation as the 5th Ohinoyi Ebiraland . We rejoice with you and pray that Allah who have saddled you with this onerous task will aid your affairs. We pray Allah continue to guide your step, grant you wisdom and strength to paddle the ship of Ebira Speaking Tribe worldwide . A Race to reckon with from ancestral anal of history which covers people of Prophet Lut and Prophet Ibrahim-then being referred to as ABRANIYYU(See Tafseer Al-Miyzan of Tabatabai on the people of Lut), up till the present existing pockets of them in the mist of larger dominated languages such as the Ebira in Brazil,Ebira Gongolas(at Wukari), Ebira Toto, Ebira Abaji, Ebira Etuno etc.
” We pray Allah will grant you the courage and wisdom to right the wrongs . We believe you are specially sent at-this-time to take the good people of Kogi State to the promise land and we are sure that Your Majesty will not leave the Muslim Community behind in the journey.
Your Majesty, remember the favour of Allah on you, Allah in his infinite mercy elevated your status above others who contested the Ohinoyi with you and today you are the First Class King of Kogi Central.
“You are previously blessed as Ohi of Okengwe and now more blessed as Allah elevated you higher to be the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland -Alhamdulillah.
“El-Birru Muslim Association of Nigeria (EMAN) have come to you not only to associate with you and wish Your Majesty well but also to advice Your Majesty on the path you need to walk that will lead to unprecedented success for your reign and make our dear Community the envy of other state in the Federation. Ebira literally means good values, behaviour, virtues, moral character, enduring attributes. The meaning of Ebira therefore emanate from the belief of our ancestors who valued hardwork , honesty, honour, chastity , bravery and respect for others.
Your Majesty , the Muslims in Kogi Central are well pleased with some of the giant steps you have taken on some issues since taking over the mantle of leadership in Ebiraland, some of which are:
* Open Welfare/Empowerment to the needy in our Society.
*Quick and prompt attention to Society’s immediate needs .
“EMAN want you to bring us closer on how the Ohinoyi Palace is running it activities per religious affairs .
“Your Majesty any Leader that quest for peace, stability and development must recognise the religious diversity of our Cosmopolitan Society. All the Registered Muslim Youth organisation including EMAN and Imam Committee of various Mosque in Ebiraland should be organise into A formidable Religious Advisers in-order to aid you in the administration of Ebira territory.
“Your Royal Majesty kindly use your position in Collaboration with EMAN to train the Imam’s strategically ,engaged/ empowered them to part-take in the changing the narrative for better in our Cosmopolitan Society.
“Your Royal Majesty, we highlight a few of Our activities which In Shaa Allah will attract your Majesty’s support from time to time . : We are into Rural & Farm Dawaah, Visitation / support to Hospitals and Prisons for enlightenment. Your Majesty our Association is lacking Mobility to reach out for Farm Dawaah !
“Your Royal Majesty , we are assuring you of our moral and spiritual support in all your programme and creative ideas as the Paramount Ruler but you need to address our marginalization by actively engaging us in your various Sub-Committees.
Your Majesty, we want to advice that you look into the following issues as we believe attending to them will grant you unprecedented success In Shaa-Allah.
– Attraction & fair distribution of social amenities and infrastructure around the nooks and crannies of Kogi Central without fear or favour especially water project to ease the suffering of both young and elderly in Ebiraland.
Facilitate the recruitment of teachers for the state Primary and secondary schools – Ebira Languages, Arabic Languages and Islamic Religious Studies.*
Finally, Your Royal Majesty, the leadership of EMAN will love to solicit your support in the building of a State Islamic Development Center in Ebiraland and Rahma University as a bold step during your reign. The Center will collaborate with government agencies and private organisation for youth development, empowerment and peaceful coexistence among the religious adherents and the society at large.
“Once again, we thank you for this privilege and we pray Allah will grant you the wisdom, strength and ability to Right the wrongs as our tested and trusted King.
“Thanks, and God bless you Saaki.
Thank you for listening to us” .

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