Essential Knowledge to Mastering PR Practices By Afolabi Olajuwon

The world of Public Relations is rapidly evolving, and the force behind this change is the continuous flux of technological advancements and shifting public expectations.


Today, more than ever, it is not enough to just be a conduit between organizations and the public; PR practitioners must emerge as agile, informed, and strategic thinkers. In this relentless whirlwind of change, the adage of “read, learn, and adapt” has never been more relevant. Here is how you can tap into these pillars to not only survive but also thrive in the demanding and exhilarating field of PR.

Read: Staying Abreast with Industry Dynamics

Reading, in its multifaceted forms, stands as the foundation for any successful PR practitioner. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, bulletins, case studies, and thought leadership articles is indispensable. Reading extensively about market trends, consumer behaviour analytics, and the state of the media equips you with the foresight needed to anticipate and navigate complex communication landscapes.

Follow key PR blogs, subscribe to industry specific magazines, and don’t overlook books especially those that delve into psychology and sociology, as these disciplines are integral to understanding stakeholder perceptions and motivations. Remember, reading beyond your domain is key; understanding global events and their potential impact on your practice will provide a well rounded perspective that is invaluable in PR.

Learn: Continuous Professional Development

The learning process for a PR practitioner does not end with academic qualifications; it is an endless journey. Pursuing professional development courses or certifications can elevate your expertise and make you a valuable asset in this competitive field.

Immerse in workshops on crisis management, reputation building, digital marketing, and learn the art of storytelling. Each of these skills are crucial in crafting compelling messages that resonate and influence. Moreover, the rise of analytics in PR means that practitioners must learn to harness the power of data to streamline strategies and measure outcomes effectively.

Actively participate in webinars, attend industry conferences, and engage in thought leadership discussions. Peer learning is a powerful way to exchange ideas and learn from the experiences of fellow PR specialists.

Take A Step: Implementation and Innovation

Armed with knowledge, it is time to step into action. Practical implementation of your acquired skills sets the pace for your growth within the industry. Put your learning into practice by taking on new projects that challenge your comfort zone. Embrace the digital world; leverage social media to build relationships, engage with audiences, and amplify your messaging.

Innovation should be at the heart of your practice, introduce fresh angles to traditional PR campaigns, harness storytelling by exploring the latest multimedia tools, and always aim to deliver measurable results that support the business objectives of your clients or organization.

Experiment with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality in your campaigns where they can add value. Keep in mind that technology should be used as an enabler to enhance your storytelling, not replace the empathetic and personal touch crucial in PR.

The Triad for Success

In conclusion, the triad of reading, learning, and taking proactive steps is the lifeblood of career progression for a PR practitioner. PR is unique due to its reliance on both the timeless skills of persuasion and relationship building, meshed with the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Balancing these facets through continuous reading, learning, and innovative actions will not just maintain your relevance but propel you to new heights in your PR career. Embrace this triad, and watch your career as a PR practitioner flourish.


Afolabi Olajuwon is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, a Researcher and resource person at the International Institute of Journalism, Abuja.

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