Father’s Day Grand Finale: A Celebration of Exemplary and Diligent Fathers By Dr. Afolabi Olajuwon

The Council of Foursquare Men (CFM) at Foursquare Gospel Church, Wuse, Abuja, held a vibrant and impactful Father’s Day Grand Finale, transforming the Church Auditorium into a space of celebration, reflection, and spiritual nourishment.


The event commenced with a powerful 30-minute mass choir performance by all the men present, setting the platform for a day dedicated to honouring fathers and their roles in society.


This was followed by a compelling message delivered by Engr. Eghosa Ogedegbe, titled “Exemplary & Diligent Father.”


Engr. Ogedegbe drew from scriptures including Deuteronomy 6:1-12, Proverbs 22:29, Genesis 3-9, 1 Timothy 2:13-14, Luke 5:17, Mark 7:27, and Isaiah 3:1-5, 10-12, to paint a picture of the ideal father, highlighting the importance of:


Carrying Responsibilities:

Engr. Ogedegbe emphasized that men are entrusted with significant responsibilities, using Abraham as a prime example of an exemplary father.


Seeking God’s Guidance:

He stressed the importance of allowing God to teach and guide fathers, starting from the very beginning. The story of Abraham’s test in Genesis 22 was presented as a testament to God’s teaching process.


Cultivating Diligence:

The message delved into the attributes of a diligent father, emphasizing the importance of possessing and nurturing the land God has entrusted to each man. The importance of adhering to God’s word, as highlighted in Joshua 1:8, was presented as a key to achieving this diligence.


Receiving God’s Magnification:

Drawing from Joshua 3:7 and 4:14, Engr. Ogedegbe concluded by emphasizing that God desires to magnify men, urging the fathers present to embrace this divine promise.


The message culminated in an altar call and prayers, providing an opportunity for personal reflection and seeking God’s grace.


Prior to the sermon, the event was enriched by:

A captivating children’s presentation: This showcased the younger generation’s appreciation for their fathers, bringing a touch of innocence and joy to the celebration.


Speeches and Goodwill Messages:

On behalf of the National Presidents of the Council of Foursquare Men (CFM) and the Foursquare Women International (FWI), Daddy Thom Itodo and Mummy Tolulope Kolawole respectively, shared inspiring words of encouragement and appreciation for the fathers present.


The event concluded with a heartfelt prayer for all men led by the Senior Pastor & District Overseer, Rev. Dr. Babatunde Idowu, followed by a benediction.


The Father’s Day Grand Finale at Foursquare Gospel Church, Wuse, Abuja, was more than just a celebration. It was a powerful reminder of the important role fathers play in society and a call to action for men to embrace their responsibilities with diligence and seek God’s guidance in their fatherhood journey.


*Dr. Afolabi Olajuwon is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, Fellow of the Chronicle Business School, a Researcher and resource person at the International Institute of Journalism, Abuja.

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