FG, Nigerians Get Caution Note from Europe Against Amnesty International

The Federal Government and her citizens have been warned by some concerned Nigerians in the diaspora, under the aegis of Association of Nigerian Professionals in Europe (ANPE) about the impending plot by Amnesty International (AI) to destabilise the country.

A London-based non-governmental organization, AI was originally focused on human rights, especially in war-ravaged nations.

However, this humanitarian element appears to have diminished in recent times as the group has rather embraced controversy, deceit and falsehood.

In the countries where Amnesty International operates, more facts emerged on how some political interests’ shapes the group’s narrative.

It is now believed that AI is engaged in politically-motivated propaganda simply hiding behind instead of human rights advocacy.

In Nigeria, for instance, the group launched countless offensive against the Nigerian Army, hoarding facts and propagating fallacy to paint the military negative in the international community.

Having thoroughly examined the activities of Amnesty International by members scattered across Europe, Nigerian professionals, however, concluded that the modus operandi deployed in these nations is the same employed in Nigeria.

The group made this disclosure in a communique jointly signed by President Dr. Agwu Onyeke and 11 other leaders.

According to these Nigerian professionals, Amnesty International is out to disintegrate the nation hence should be treated as a criminal organisation.

“ Amnesty International going by recent crisis rocking its headquarters in London, is indeed an organization that is defective in ethics and morals. Its workplace is filled with people with diverse interest and bullying managers.

“ There were also reports of managers belittling staff in meetings and making demeaning and menacing comments like ‘You should quit. If you stay in this position, your life will be a misery.’ There were also multiple accounts of discrimination based on race and gender, and in which women, staff of colour, and LGBT employees were allegedly targeted or maltreated.

“ The Association of Nigerian Professionals in Europe states that Amnesty International is an organization that engages in psychological terrorism in all of the countries over time. The Nigerian government must, as a matter of urgency take the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria seriously if it is desirous of remaining united as a country.

“ The Association of Nigerian Professionals in Europe also wishes to advise the authorities in Nigeria to do all within its powers to ensure that the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria are curtailed.

“ Amnesty International has not only struggled with its core mandate, but it has also systematically introduced concepts aimed at creating relevance for its self in the light of its dwindling reputation of churning out inaccurate reports often devoid of verifiable facts, instead, on rumours and assumptions.

“ Amnesty International has also exhibited political inclinations that in a way, present its self as a parallel government or a threat to the political stability of countries where it operates, including Nigeria.

“ The government of Nigeria must, therefore, act swiftly by realizing that Amnesty International as an organization is out to cause disintegrating Nigeria. They must continue to educate and sanitize Nigerians on the atrocious activities of Amnesty International and the plot to create the break-up of Nigeria like in other countries where it has operated.

“ The Nigerian Government must henceforth treat Amnesty International as a criminal gang consisting of people with despicable motives aimed at causing disaffection among the various ethnic and religious groups in Nigeria.”

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