“God Fights Battles On Your Behalf.” declares Professor Dike Orji in his sermon

By Dr. Afolabi Olajuwon



The Foursquare Gospel Church in Wuse, Abuja, conducted a profound and spirit-filled service on Sunday, May 19, 2024. This particular service stood out due to its vibrant choir ministration and a deeply inspiring sermon delivered by an esteemed guest speaker, Professor Dike Orji.

Opening Ministration
The service commenced with an uplifting 30-minute choir ministration, which set the tone for the day’s worship. The choir, under the exuberant leadership of the Ubido’s family, captivated the congregation with their harmonious renditions. Their coordinated performance exuded spirituality and enthusiasm, compelling the worshippers into a deep state of worship and praise.
Sermon by Guest Speaker: Professor Dike Orji

Following the choir ministration, Professor Dike Orji took to the pulpit to deliver a 45-minute sermon. His message was poignant and resonant, addressing contemporary family life from a biblical perspective. His chosen texts were Acts 10:1-4, 24 and Luke 12:48, from which he drew lessons on the topic “A Devoted Family in A Contemporary World.”
Core Highlights of the Sermon
Prof. Orji’s sermon was meticulously structured, offering both spiritual and practical guidance for families.

Key highlights included:
1. Fearlessness in Christ: Professor Orji emphasized that having Jesus in one’s life dispels all fears.
2. Strength of Family Life: He asserted that a strong family life serves as the foundation for other aspects of life to fall into place.
3. God as a Defender: He stressed that knowing God ensures divine intervention in battles, quoting, “God fights battles on your behalf.”
4. Commitment to God and Others: Devoted families, he noted, are dedicated to pleasing God and being blessings to others, driven by intentional efforts from both spouses.
5. Helping Others: A genuine desire to assist others, especially fellow believers, is paramount (Galatians 6:10).
6. Evangelism: Winning souls is of utmost importance to God.
7. Equality at Home: He reinforced the need to treat all individuals under one’s roof equally and justly.

Characteristics of a Devoted Family
Professor Orji delineated specific traits intrinsic to a devoted family:
– God-Fearing: Such families live in reverence of God, aware of their identity in Him (Romans 12:1-2).
– Unified Leadership: The man ensures family welfare by including his wife in decisions and activities.
– Zeal to Bless Others: A strong inclination to assist and bless people outside the household.
– Commitment to Prayer: Families should engage collectively in prayers and supplications to bring each member closer to Christ.
– Reputation: Both God and outsiders acknowledge the family’s good deeds.
– Humility and Respect: Mutual respect between husband and wife is a hallmark, alongside obedient and service-oriented children.

Blessings to a Devoted Family
Prof. Orji listed several blessings that devoted families receive:
Homemaking: A woman’s key role as a homemaker is crucial.
Recognized Prayers: God hears and recognizes their prayers and supplications.

Divine Guidance: God’s direction is present in their lives.
Supportive Community: God surrounds them with the right people.
Spiritual Fulfilment: They experience the Holy Spirit’s salvation.

In conclusion, the service concluded with an extensive prayer session where Professor Orji prayed for families, worshippers, and all attendees, invoking God’s blessings and guidance upon them.
This service at Foursquare Gospel Church in Wuse, Abuja, not only refreshed the spirits of its congregation but also provided valuable insights and practical advice on nurturing a devoted and God-fearing family in today’s world.

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