God’s Word is guaranteed when spoken declares Rev. Babatunde Idowu

By Dr. Afolabi Olajuwon



The Foursquare Gospel Church, Wuse District Headquarters, witnessed an extraordinary Sunday service on July 7, 2024, that left attendees deeply touched and spiritually rejuvenated. The service commenced with a vibrant and Spirit-filled choir ministration that prepared the hearts of the congregation for the prophetic message that was to follow.


Rev. Dr. Babatunde Idowu then mounted the pulpit, delivering a sermon titled “Divine Visitation Unto Positive Turnaround,” drawing from the Scripture texts Genesis 21:1-8 and Luke 7:11-16. His message was profound, reinforcement, and filled with divine revelations.


Key Highlights from the Sermon:


When God Speaks, It Is Guaranteed:

Rev. Idowu began with a powerful assertion that when God speaks, His words are a guarantee of fulfillment. He emphasized that believers can find solace and assurance in God’s promises because His words never return void.


Time for Fulfillment:

He highlighted that there is a specific time for the fulfillment of God’s promises. Using the example of Sarah from Genesis 21, he illustrated how God’s visitation brought to fruition the long-awaited promise of a child, ending Sarah’s barrenness.


Unique Acts During Divine Visitation:

Rev. Idowu pointed out that whenever God visits, He intends to do something unique and extraordinary. He recalled Exodus 3, where God’s visitation to Moses marked the beginning of a significant deliverance for the Israelites. These divine visitations are transformative and leave lasting records of God’s power and presence.


Life-Changing Encounters:

He related this to the deeply moving account in Luke 7:11-16, where Jesus raised a widow’s son from the dead.

Rev. Idowu expounded with deep illustrations on the significance of Jesus’ interaction with each character involved. He noted that when Jesus spoke life, the dead came alive, limitations were abolished, and all forms of enclosure came to an end.


Overcoming Barrenness:

The accounts of God’s visitation to Sarah and Jesus speaking life into the dead were explored, underlining the annihilation of barriers and limitations

The sermon also highlighted how God’s visitation to Sarah eradicated her barrenness. This transformation serves as a testimony to God’s ability to bring positive turnarounds in seemingly hopeless situations.


Through the biblical examples, Rev. Idowu illustrated how God’s visitation brings an end to barrenness, limitations, and enclosures.


In conclusion, Rev. Idowu concluded the sermon with a call to faith, urging the congregation to believe in the power of God’s words and His divine timing. He then led the congregants in powerful, faith-filled prayers that were in line with the teachings from Luke 7:11-16. These prayers were aimed at inviting divine visitations into the lives of the congregation, to break limitations and bring about positive turnarounds.


Overall, the service was an enriching spiritual experience, leaving the members of the congregation uplifted and hopeful for divine interventions in their lives. The message of “Divine Visitation Unto Positive Turnaround” echoed deeply, promising a season of fulfilled promises and miraculous turnarounds for all who believe.


Dr. Afolabi Olajuwon is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, Fellow of the Chronicle Business School, Abuja, a Researcher and resource person at the International Institute of Journalism, Abuja.

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