The just concluded Niger State local govt election held on 30th/12/2019 was a litmus test of exemplary leadership. I have waited for the outcome of the election to write this foreword.

Firstly, it is on public records at least on the social media platforms that very lately I have vehemently disagree with the policy of HE, Mr. Governor in respect of the administration of the state and particularly my local govt SULEJA LGA. My criticism are calculative and constructive because all the points I have raised are facts within my knowledge and expertise. I have never tailored an aimless criticism for any political gain or relevance, hence I don’t need any.

Governor Abubakar Sani-Bello

It is also in the public domain that anyone who knows my pedigree as a grassroot politician and Lawyer would agree with me that I do not engage in any act of mediocrity and or sycophancy because I do critique even my closest political confidants and LEADER’S whenever they go wrong and refused to adhere to simple wise counsel.

Further to this, many people don’t know my very intimate and close relationship with HE, Mr. Governor politically & otherwise. For the records I personally dont need an appointment to see Mr. Governor and to speak to Mr. Governor on telephone via an Aide. I have close confidants who introduced me to Mr Governor and have always connected me with His Excellency within the twinkle of an eye if need be. I only critique Mr. Governor and do not hate contrary to erroneous beliefs of some Sycophants and Mr. Governor knows.This is the correct position!

To also put it more succinct, I have never lobbied or request for any political favor or otherwise from Mr. Governor even though I am 100℅ entitled to. This I can guarantee because what ever political position or favor I got if any, was on merit and well deserved.

I would like to use this platform to sincerely commend HE Governor Abubakar Sani Bello for providing a very level playing field for all political parties and actors to participate freely and fairly in the just concluded election. This is a demonstration of Mr. Governor’s resolve to providing good governance and exemplary leadership to our dear State. In recent past many state Governors have liken their local govt election to that of former PDP regime where election results were written in govt house before the election day. Yesterday’s election has proven many sceptics and doubting Thomases wrong in all respect. I have also held similar beliefs in the past. Let me also quickly add that I think that the new team Mr. Governor Assembled to work closely with him like the CoS and others might have helped in providing the best suggestion for this success recorded. When a leader surround himself with intelligent and progressive politician who have passion for transparency and accountability, positive results is highly anticipated but where mediocre and Sycophants are the palace lieutenants the contrary is not unexpected.

The Niger State Independent Electoral Commission also deserved commendation by Playing and adhering strictly to the rules and not allowing itself to be used as a weapon of oppression by the govt of the day. The election was relatively peaceful and fair because of the absence of violence. This is a testimony of excellent performance by NSIEC which has hitherto helped to give the public confidence and trust which has reduced violence.

This peaceful conduct of election in Niger State under the able leadership of HE, Mr. Governor and non interference of state actors in the process as a result of Mr.g Governor stance and body language against any election malpractice has rekindle my hope in his administration. I hope that this gain made so far will be sustained because free and fair ELECTIONs anywhere helps to produce good and competent representation and as well strengthen democracy.

Thank you Mr. Governor and I hope you will use this gains to consolidate on the development of our dear State and particularly SULEJA LGA.

Thank you Sir. You truly deserves an awards for this feat.

It is on this note that I would like say ALHAMDULILLAH.

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