HAIL GYB THE WHITE LION By Toluolamide Adesoro

The lion, king of the forest moves steely around in it’s domain as king of all animals, it’s movement is driven by the consciousness of its ability and capacity to tower above all animals and crush all preys.

Governor Yahaya Bello is the Lion in Kogi state conscious of his ability, sagacity and capacity to reform, remold and rebuild the confluence state his domain, to the highest pedestal of statehood. A lot of misrepresentation, misunderstanding and misleading facts has characterized the New Direction Government but one thing is sacrosanct. Without an iota of doubt, GYB is working and Kogi is rising, the old template in Kogi state has changed and there is indeed a New Direction in the confluence state.

If Governance is all about human, infrastructural, economic, social and cultural developments then the ovation of the people should be loudest for GYB a man whose visions and energy with the help of God has made all this to happen in Kogi state.

In less than four years, Governor Yahaya Bello has delivered good governance, life touching projects have been completed and some ongoing, peace maintained and sustained, political cohesion provided, security secured and Kogi state has been redirected. Statistics shows that our state’s industrialisation policy is booming and many abandoned industries are being revived like the Ajaokuta steel company.

It is pertinent to note that local governments that have not known any state road projects for the past decades now have completed or ongoing road projects like Ankpa township road, Ejule/Idah road and Agassa road.

Today, Kogites marvel at the breath-taking pace in which development has enveloped and travelled farther and faster down the nooks and crannies of the state within the first tenure of the administration. This is despite the very lean resources , sparsely giving allocation barely able to pay the bills of our state, a situation that would have deterred our development agenda, but this not so in Kogi under the leadship of Yahaya Bello because he has propelled a boost in our revenue generation and given room for developmental projects and services across the state and this meaningful development distinguishes Bello’s style of leadership and has endeared him to the people, hence the calls and appeals for a well-deserved second term for him in the Lugard house come November 16 2019.

The wailers, the naysayers, dramatist and the doubting Thomas’s, who are obviously in the jittery minority cannot comprehend why rational and articulate minds of serious minded Kogites which like Oliver twist is asking for more of GYB come November 2019, and these dramatists offer nothing other than primitive notions of contestations, they refuse to see the superior reasons why Yahaya Bello deserves a second term in office as Executive governor of Kogi state. They refuse to see the cogent reason why we must Hail GYB, the Lion!! For the infrastructural developments going on in all the nooks and crannies of the state. The 28 major projects in the state are rattlers for the senile minds.

Under Bello, the internally generated revenue of the state has increased tremendously. The government subsidizes payment for the WAEC and NECO school examinations fees for our secondary school students and the structural development of higher institutions received great attention.

The building of classrooms and new schools in the whole local governments of the state, construction of hospitals and clinics in the nooks and crannies of the state are evidence of Governor Yahaya Bello’s uncommon infrastructural testimonies in the state.

In the area of security, Governor Bello has drastically reduced the rate of kidnapping, arm robbery and communal clashes in the state. This was made possible through the security apparatus and modern fighting gadgets provided by GYB, the officers serving in the state now have better welfare packages including insurance and death benefits, among others to help them discharge their duties of protecting lives and properties of the people.

As a detribalized Governor, Alhaji, Yahaya Bello has given a sense of belonging to every Kogite irrespective of their tongues, religion, age and sex. He has attracted the much needed development to Kogi State via his policies and development oriented programmes. Today, a number of projects that have direct bearings on the lives of the people like healthcare plus have been executed while some are ongoing and these were evenly distributed in the three (3) districts without sentiments or favor. Therefore, for the progress of our dear State, the need for his Continuity becomes Germane.

Our Governor Yahaya Bello is a bridge builder, a liberator, a detribalized leader, a respecter of culture and tradition, an intelligent leader with focus and visions, a man determined to make the difference and a practical leader with capacity and integrity engraved by potentials to deliver on his mandate better and best in the second term.

Yahaya Bello’s coming has no doubt rekindled the hopes of Kogi Youths today, he has injected boldness and courage into Governance. His youth empowerment program has no doubt endeared him to so many people who think their destiny have been short changed in the hands of all the old politicians.

Governor Bello’s Economic Blueprint, which was unfolded during the last Kogi State Economic Summit is being pursued vigorously, resulting in various partnership arrangements, meant to harness the abundant natural resources, and equally revive some of the hitherto vibrant government enterprises, in the state, in order to create employment opportunities for all categories of Kogites.

Governor Yahaya Bello stands for trustworthiness, forthrightness and commitment to good governance in Kogi. He is the epitome of a new type of politics in the new dispensation in Kogi state. Yahaya Bello has a perfect blend of knowledge, reliability, and simplicity which epitomizes good leadership.

There is hardly any part of Kogi that the government has not covered in terms of provision of critical infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals, water, electricity so the massive support and endorsement he is getting from our people is an eloquent testimony of the fact that they are pleased and happy with the feats he has recorded across the critical sectors of the economy.

Governor Bello is not a magician or philosopher but it can be observed that he possesses a sincere disposition to lead well, a disposition to serve the people and a political will to take difficult decisions for the good of the people and to follow through with them.

Governor Bello has made good promise in his first term and he has convinced all with his track records of achievements that he remains the best option if we are to move to the next level of social, cultural and economic development.

GYB has achieved a lot in less than four years of his tenure and it’s only logical for Kogites to endorse and support him for continuity to consolidate his good works in the state come November 2019.

GYB deserves a second term in office as a result of the overwhelming victory recorded by APC in the last concluded general election with the party clinching all the 25 seats of the State House of Assembly, Seven House of Representative seats out of nine and two Senatorial seats out three.

The victory is without doubt a reward for hard work, sincerity, transparency and accountability of Governor Yahaya Bello.

The governor has revolutionized governance and brought in a lease of new thinking in government. Where elected and appointed government officials are encouraged to be responsible and responsive to their constituencies, breathing the air of governance across and down the lane of the communities. The only way to sustain these gains is to support his second term aspiration.

Therefore youths will do the next generation good if they all come together and rally round our governor with sincerity of purpose. He deserves our support to liberate this generation totally and move us to the Promised Land.

Governor Yahaya Bello is on the march again. There is hope in every new beginning, and every New Day is a new beginning, so I celebrate hope with all Kogites. As we sign for GYB the white Lion all the way!

No vacancy in Lugard house, Lokoja till January 2024 when His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello will be handing over after his second term in office. All hail the white Lion !!

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