How First Nupe Newspaper Titled; Eduko Esanwo Nupe Tashiru was Founded On 1st January, 2017

The first Nupe Language Newspaper was Founded on 1st January, 2017 by Adamu Idris Manarakis niw, Nupe Language Professor Honourary, Tashiru Nupe & Founder /Director ILLEC.

The importance of communication, knowledge, and enlightenment is very vital to the development of any society.
The initiative of Adamu Idris Manarakis to produce the _EDUKO ESANWO NUPE_ _TASHIRU_ (first pure Nupe newspaper) is therefore very commendable. This Newspaper will surely encourage and proudly gladden the minds of the Nupe people in Nigeria and anywhere around the world. As expected, of any Newspaper, it will simplify and improve the understanding of happening in the larger society by the Nupe race.
In the aspect of education, _*EDUKO ESANWO NUPE TASHIRU*__ ,will improve the knowledge and understanding of the Nupe language by students worldwide. I personally commend the effort of our brilliant Director, Adamu Idris Manarakis Tashiru Nupe for this wonderful initiative. I pray and I hope our Government, our reputable and focused members of the society will support this impressive attempt by Adamu Idris Manarakis to project our lovely Nupe race to the world.
With this effort to publish _EDUKO ESANWO_ _NUPE TASHIRU_ the Nupe race is now in line with other vernacular publications such as _*IWE IROHIN*_ the first Newspaper in Nigeria which was established on 23rd November, 1859. It was founded at Abeokuta by Rev. Henry Townsend, a missionary from Exeter, England. It was first published as a Yoruba language fortnightly newspaper but it became bilingual when an English language supplement was added from March 8, 1860.
Between Yoruba Language and Hausa Language Newspapers was a gap of 80 years.
The first Hausa Language Newspaper _*GASKIYA_TA FI_ _KOBO*_ by Abubakar Imam was founded in 1939. This was an idea to shift Hausa Language from Arabic script language to also create a contemporary standard for Hausa grammar, spelling, vocabulary and style.
So, between Hausa Language and Igbo Language Newspapers was a gap of 77 years.
Therefore, the Imo State Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha unveiled the 1st Igbo language Newspaper known as “Ikoro Igbo” on 7th March, 2016.
So, between Igbo Language and Nupe Language Newspapers was just a year gap.
Since competition breeds progress, I am personally confident with the intelligence and professional knowledge of the director of ILLEC Adamu Idris Manarakis Nupe Language Professor Honourary, I am sure pretty soon _EDUKO ESANWO_ _NUPE TASHIRU_ will come out as a Newspaper of envy.
I am sure you are surprised I mentioned envy? Yes envy because we can beat our chest that Nupe Language is the fourth major Languages in Nigeria to host a publication of Newspaper.
The paper originally started on 1st January, 2017 after some rough attempts. It was aimed at producing the hardcopies monthly and after six months non-stop production, the energy was put to rest due to lack of patronage from the speakers of Nupe Language.
However, the idea was reinstated in January 2020. This time, it was a weekly production online. Due to some encouragements from few individuals, supporters, especially ILLEC Nupe Language students that were sending their stories, the progress lasted for two years and stopped at a point of no-more.
Finally, in January 2024, the Nupe Language Newspaper took another awesome dimension. It’s a tool to compete with the superior Indigenous newspapers. The whole style is now daily bulletin online publication and today dated 20th March, 2024 marks the presentation of 100 days non-stop. Kudos to the contributors that send-in stories daily especially Aisha Manarakis, Zakari Fujeregi, Bashiru Musa Ebangi, Umar Salihu Adamu and the graphic designer; Alhassan Adam Alhaji from Tsonga Emirate of Edu Kwara State.
I therefore congratulate our amiable brilliant and focused Director, Adamu Idris Manarakis niw, Nupe Language Professor Honourary, Tashiru Nupe & Founder / Director ILLEC for his consistence in seeing that Nupe Language rubs shoulder with Languages of the world.
God bless you abundantly, Amin!


*Written By Hajiya Bilkisu Musa Bida.

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