Islamic Scholar Tells Parents To Invest More on Children’s Upbringing

Muslims have been advised to increase their investment into the upbringing of their children, to ensure a more prosperous society and better secured future.

An Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Mohammed Bn Yahaya made the call on Sunday when he delivered a lecture at the Al-Habbibiya Muslim society in Abuja.
He warned that continuing neglect and failure of parents to instill proper values in the children and younger ones ,contributed to increasing corruption, insecurity and social vices in the society. “let’s inject values into the hearts of the young because of their flexibility and because they are still impressionable “
“ our value system has also changed . We have people who are honoured in the society just because of how rich they are thereby sending wrong signals that money must be acquired at all costs This has to change” he warned.
Quoting from the Holy Quran, Sheikh Yahaya said the discretion in committing crimes has also been eroded. According to him people arrogantly committed crimes and even boast of dating others.”our problem now is we commit crimes openly which goes against the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad. “
He said while not discountenance the role of prayers in the upbringing of children,hard work and commitment were also important
He said the Anti corruption fight of the government should be viewed as not just an immediate action but one that has long term implication for peace and security of the country.
Earlier,the Chief Imam Of Al-Habbibiya Muslim society, Abuja Fuad Adeyemi said everyone need to do his or her bit in different areas of the society to support government Anti corruption fight

He said corruption had become endemic and only the fear of Allah and obedience to His laws can bring lasting end to corruption

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