League of African Ambassadors hails African leaders move to end Russia- Ukraine conflict

The League of African Ambassadors and High Commissioners, a non-governmental platform has commended African leaders over their moves to resolve the lingering Russian- Ukraine war.

The group whose membership is open to serving and retired ambassadors or high commissioners of African descent globally said the move is an indication that African countries are beginning to find their voice in global and diplomatic circles.

Recall that four heads of state led by President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, traveled to Kyiv and St. Petersburg to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine. Others Presidents that visited Ukraine and Russia are President Macky Sall of Senegal, President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia, and President Azali Assoumani of the Comoros (current chairman of the African Union). Egypt and Uganda also sent high-level officials to represent them.

According to a statement made available to journalists by the convener of the league and Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the Republic of Zambia, Amb Nwannebuike Eze Ominyi, said the visit would bring a measure of neutrality required to unlock the stalemate between Russia and Ukraine.
According to him, the nonalignment posture of many African countries makes them well positioned to be neutral peace brokers in the conflict.He said Africa is undergoing transformation in different sectors and that is increasingly giving its leaders power, confidence and a voice in global issues.

He said: “The rare attempt at diplomatic intervention outside the continent is a welcome development given Africa’s growing demand to have a bigger voice at the UN and other international organisations.

“In the long term, the strategic nonalignment of many African countries makes them well positioned to be neutral peace brokers to the war in Ukraine and Russia.

” Although Russia and Ukraine have vastly different objectives and do not seem ready to reach any peace negotiations, however, African delegation seems to hold much leverage over them to move peace negotiations forward.”

He said the delegation’s visit provided an opportunity for Africa to play a constructive role in addressing grain and fertilizer shortages affecting the continent and countries around the world as a result of the war.

“The visit of the delegation will in no small measure improve access to Russian and Ukrainian grains and fertilizers. This because African countries have not been left unscathed by the war because the relies heavily on grain and fertilizer exports from Ukraine and Russia, ” though it is my belief that Africa ought feed the world and fill the gap in grain and fertiliser at time like this” he said.

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