Meet Dr (Mrs) Helen Ndidiamaka Godswill, A Presidential Hopeful

Dr Helen is a woman who has been affecting lives and nations in so many ways; in social justice, Christian ministries and outreaches, Business, Enrichment and Empowerment of men and women. Now being unveiled to the world in the political arena of Nigeria. Helen represents the new generation of leaders emerging in Nigeria to change the reputation of Nigeria.


A lawyer called to the Nigerian bar in 1992. Worked in Lagos, Nigeria and New York, United States of America. Ordained a minister in Redeemed Christian Church of God in 2001. Commissioned Apostle in 2010. Impacting lives of individuals and transforming organizations and nations. Through raising altars of prayers and raising a people of prayer by teaching and impacting the culture of prayer on believers. Biblical transformational life coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, A Reformer of nations, Business Executive with over 20 years of experience. President of a Lagos real estate company, consultants and property managers. Author of several books among which is “The Birth Of A New Nigeria” a book show casing the greatness of Nigeria and a clarion call for Nigerians to arise and take Nigeria back and make our nation great again. Helen is a wife. Married to Dr David Solomon and a Mother of not only her four biological children but a mother to many all over the world as she is fondly called: “Mama Helen”.


She is the Founder/President of Esther Generation Prayer Ministries and Resource centers. Apostolic Training, Coaching and Resource Centers worldwide with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. United States of America and branches in various countries. Co founder and pastor of Grace Word Arena Church for all nations, life coach in David Solomon Leadership Institute and an international radio host on “Grace Hour”.


The founder and CEO of “Operation Deborah Arise” (ODA). An international, non-governmental/nonprofit organization specializing in raising women from thrash to treasure. Through this organization Helen goes from nation to nation rehabilitating African prostitutes, stopping child trafficking and the use of young girls as sex slaves, feeding the poor in various cities and mentoring, empowering and helping women and young girls to rise up as women with their God given gifts to build homes, businesses and nations. Thousands of women across Nigeria Africa have benefitted from this movement. Many now own businesses sponsored by Dr Helen Godswill-Solomon. She is also the co founder and president of Divine Empowerment and leadership foundation for youths and women. A non-governmental leadership development organization with a passion to develop the leadership skills of individuals, companies and nations and creating political awareness and participation of Nigerian women and youths.


Dr Helen is a Global Senior sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Empowering and enriching the lives of women in the United States of America and various nations of the world.


A law graduate of Edo State University, Ekpoma. Nigeria. Nigeria law school. Lagos and recipient of honorary Doctor of Divinity from My Life Theological institute. Maryland. United States of America. She acquired her primary school education from Sacred heart primary school (now Diai primary school). Umunede. Delta state. Secondary school from Mary Mount Girls high school. Agbor. Delta state and Advanced levels from Federal Government college Port Harcourt. Rivers state.


Dr Helen-Naomi Ndidi Godswill-Solomon is a Nigerian from Agbor kingdom. Ika south local government area of Delta state. Born to late Sir Alexander Ngozichukwuka Agboifo and Lady Victoria Nwakaego Agboifo of Agbor.


She is a recipient of many business, leadership and professional awards among which are: The West African Regional Magazine Business and Leadership award “Flag bearer for African women leaders of social reformation and economic empowerment”. The prestigious African Pastors Network international “2015 Over Achiever’s Award”for her outstanding work in global ministry and exemplary leadership role in political transformation.


Dr Helen’s passion is to create better life for the rural, less privileged, the unheard, the poor, and the masses of Nigeria. A messenger of hope, love, unity and peace in the political arena of Nigeria. Witha mandate to ensure that all the diverse tribes with cultural differences in Nigeria are united in love for the nation and for one another.


This is the passion that moved her to join politics with her team of millions of Nigerian youths and new generation leaders both home and abroad “Restoration 2019” she is well equipped to bring positive changes that will sweep away corruption, insurgency, armed robbery and the numerous ills that currently characterize Nigeria to make room for the birth of a new Nigeria. A unitedNigeria, and a prosperous Nigeria with a loving, friendly and safe atmosphere for the citizens, residents and visitors. A Nigeria that everyone will love to live in and be part of.


She is an agent of true, positive and sustainable change that will totally overhaul the mentality of Nigerians & completely reform the nation. A God fearing woman with global influence and exposure to make Nigeria the envy of the whole world.


To facilitate these

Dr Helen travels all over the world mobilizing Nigerians in Diaspora on the need to rebuild the image of Nigeria, by encouraging them to live in honesty and abiding in the laws of the various nations they are living in. She urges Nigerians not to indulge in hate speech, cheating, killings, looting, scams, fraud, lawlessness and crookedness etc.


If given the golden opportunity to be the president, Dr Helen will implement true democracy by carrying the masses along and bringing in the new crop of young, talented & skilled commoners into the government and a new Nigeria where social justice and all amenities will be available to all not just the rich and the corrupt. Every citizen of Nigeria will get what is due to him or her from the society, government and the nation at large. Poverty will be eradicated. Illiteracy will be wiped out. Crimes will be abolished. Robbery, kidnapping, Tribal and religious wars will cease. Corruption which is the biggest problem plaguing Nigeria will be totally eradicated. Nigeria will become a secure and safe place for everyone to live. Indeed it is time for the New Nigeria. Read more About her manifesto via ……….Join us to make history towards electing the First Female President in our great Country Nigeria. The *Women* mandate has started.



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