Military reiterates commitments to security and safety of Nigerians ….. As Troops neutralize 286 Terrorists arrest 244 others within one week

Nigeria Defence Headquarters has assured that the Nigerian Armed Forces will waste no time and spare any effort to ensure security and safety of citizens across the country.


The Authority said it will continue to take necessary measures to ensure a secured and safer environment for citizens.


Major General Edward Buba,Director Defence Media Operations, disclosed this at a bi-weekly media briefing held at Defence Headquarters Abuja Thursday.


General Buba Accord said “Following the chorus of voices saturating the air waves in the country, there is no gain saying that, there are sailent challenges affecting our country that require practical ideas and solutions. It is against this background that the military finds itself uniquely positioned to unabatedly address the security challenges in the country.


“The armed forces is not only ensuring decimination of terrorist and the cohorts in the country. It remains focussed and concentrates on the task and mission at hand”.


Giving the report on the ongoing military operations in Nigeria, Buba said during the week under review, troops neutralised 286 and arrested 244 of criminal elements disturbing the peace of the country.


“Troops also arrested 83 perpetrators of oil theft and rescued 122 kidnapped hostages. In the SS, troops denied the oil theft of the estimated sum of Two Billion Five Hundred and Sixty Five Million Four Hundred and Seventy Nine Thousand and Seven Hundred and Twenty Naira (N2,565,479,720.00) only.


“Furthermore, troops recovered 587 assorted weapons and 7,943 assorted ammunition. The breakdown as follows: 207 AK47 rifles, 56 locally fabricated guns, 17 pump action guns, 10 locally fabricated pistols, 22 dane guns, one FN rifle, 6 double barrel automatic pump action, 2 double barrel guns, 2 x 36 hand grenades and 10 IEDs.


“Others are: 4,088 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, 2,529 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 138 rounds of 9mm ammo, 39 rounds of 7.62mm refilled ammo, 331 P445 rounds of 7.62mm special, 180 rounds 5.5mm ammo, 2 PKT link of 7.62mm special, 445 live cartridges, 67 magazines, 6 HH radios,14 vehicles, 32 motorcycles, 34 mobile phones and the sum of N4,876,950.00 amongst other items.


“Troops in the Niger Delta area discovered and discovered and destroyed 134 dugout pits, 79 boats and 116 storage tanks. Other items recovered include 149 cooking ovens, one speedboat, 11 vehicles, 8 motorcycles and 74 illegal refining sites. Troops recovered 2,947,770 litres of stolen crude oil, 251,800 litres of illegally refined AGO, 6,125 litres of DPK and 6,790 litres of PMS.


“On one hand, the above is indicative of the fact that troops are recording successes week in and week out in the ongoing counters insurgency operations across the country. On the other hand,the classic principle of counterinsurgency is that you can not win this kind of war militarily.


“We have eliminated several terrorist, their leaders and commanders.Troops are continually going after the terrorist and dislodging them from their hideouts. In spite of all these, it would appear that there more to be done to win this war outside the use of military pressure.



“Accordingly , we must now win this war by changing the conditions that make the insurgents willing to fight. We must also win the war by increasing support for government at various levels through heart and mind projects indicative of good governance.


“There is no doubt that, the times that we are in, is difficult and therefore a watershed moment for our country. Citizens are urged to realize that tough times do not last, but tough people do. As a people, we are renowned for our pride in being tough and resilient. There is a a no better time to manifest these qualities in us in overcoming the pains of today, in order for the gains of tomorrow. I dare say that, this too shall pass.


Buba appealed to patriotic and well-meaning citizens to contribute alternative ideas on ways to make a difference in turning the present situation around.


“Collaborative effort is essential at this time. Simply put, we are one people, one nation and one destiny”DHQ further stated.



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