Mohammed Isa : This sun sets too early By Ismail Omipidan

We are not God. As such, the title of my piece may be inappropriate since it is not within our powers to appropriate for whom of the Sun should set early or much later. But as a communicator, I must of necessity convey my messages in a way that would make sense and convey some deeper meanings about our existence. Hence, the choice of my title.


As a young man, who has had several near-death experiences -sleeping while on the wheels for over 15 minutes on Kaduna-Abuja Expressway in 2010; narrow escape from armed robbers in Katari, on Kaduna-Abuja Expressway in 2014; Bomb attack by Boko Haram on my office in Kaduna in 2012; coming out unhurt from a ghastly motor accident in 2007 on Kaduna-Abuja Expressway; surviving an armed robbery attack at my then residence, in Area 10, Garki one week after; surviving an armed robbery attack (Kwanta Kwanta) on Biu-Maiduguri road in 2003 and escaping death alongside my Principal on October 17, 2020 during EndSARS, among several others, I am convinced that if your time has not come, no one can fast-forward it. And once it is time, no one can delay it even for a second.


Mohammed Isa’s death is painful, no doubt, but could we have prevented it? I doubt much. The best we can do is to pray for the reposed of his soul and see how we can ensure that the family does not suffer after his demise. He was there for the late Imam Imam’s family. Who will be there for his own family?


My path and that of the Mohammed Isa crossed way back in 1997 while I was still schooling in Kaduna. When eventually I started my journalism career in Kaduna in 1999, we became closer. He introduced me to his uncle, Alhaji Isa Funtua, who also died two years ago. But I never took advantage of the relationship until the man died.


Although, I had the rare privilege of getting close to his uncle when People’s Daily was floated in 2008 or thereabout, where I was to be the Pioneer Politics Editor, it was also shortlived as The Sun promoted me to a Bureau Chief and moved me to Kaduna from Abuja.


Again, another opportunity presented itself in 2018, when through another Political Editor, I was recommended for appointment in the then Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki’s office as the second-in-Command in the Media team, but I didn’t eventually pick up the appointment for some personal reasons. The late Mohammed was enthusiastic about the news, but it was not to be.


Although, we didn’t eventually had the opportunity of working together, we maintained very strong contact and saw regularly until I became Dan Kudu (Southerner) from Dan Kaduna in his words.


We saw last in April this year at the Supreme Court, during the swearing in of some Federal High Court judges. We sat close to Sanusi Musa, SAN. He was trying to introduce him to me. I reminded him I knew the learned SAN, but he is the one that doesn’t know me well. We reviewed the state of the Nation and moved on.


When about a week ago I learnt he was involved in an auto crash that claimed his friend, my friend, our friend, the late Danladi Ndayebo, another fine journalist, I reached out to him and he told me he was recuperating. I was therefore shocked to hear of his death this morning.


Allah ya ji kan aboki na. Allah ya sa ya huta. Allah ku ma ya sa mu ci ka da Imani. Amin.


He is dead, but he lives on in our minds. We cannot bring him back to life. But we can help the family he left behind to continue to live, as though their breadwinner was still alive. Mallam Abdulaziz Abdulaziz , over to you

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