NKU, THE FIRST NUPE SETTLEMENT (NKU the Aboriginal Nupe),by Adamu Idris Manarakis niw


By:- Adamu Idris Manarakis niw,

Nupe Language Professor Honourary,

Tashiru Nupe & Founder / Director ILLEC,

29th March, 2024


Ndagba, the son of Ndafyanya (Agba bin Annafi) came from Nubia and settled at Nku village. As at the time, none of Nupe has ever settled in Nupe kingdom. The Ndagba came to Nupe kingdom with his wife, Shila. She has a son called Gana. Mamman Gana gave birth to Maman. Maman later married Jegu, the son of King Tafyan. Maman’s husband later died and as at the then culture, nobody dares marrying a widowed princess except a prince. very unfortunately, she bore no child to the late husband.


One day, Atah of Idah’s child went on strolling and arrived at Nku. Reaching there, he was accommodated by the King of Nku koman Tsunku. He was allocated an apartment to live in due to the magnanimous and hospitable gesture fond of by the Nupes. Being a son to the Atah of Gara, he was honored and cherished by the King of Nku because of the cordial relationship between the two Kings.(Etsu NKU and Atah of igala).


He said, your son in Nku has shown interest in the daughter of Manzhi (Maza), the son of Mama Gana of Nku. Mama Gana respected and honoured the Atah and accepted the proposal by giving (marrying) Maman to Ayegba from Gara.


Maman was seriously happy with the development because it is not coming from any of the Nupe village head’s children.

Anyegba was enjoying his stay with his new young and succulent wife till when an invitation came from his father.


At the point of leaving Nku, Anyegba, knowingfully well that Mama is pregnant, expected it to be a baby boy and gave her “Enyangwa, ring and a small piece of cloth to keep and warned her not to be seen by any other person.


This is the sole reason why Nku village is considered the mother of the entire Nupe kingdom.


*Adamu Idris Manarakis niw,is a Nupe Language Professor Honourary,and Tashiru Nupe & Founder / Director ILLEC,


29th March, 2024

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