Not So Super! By Olaleye Olawale

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It’s fine that some people are disposed to giving DCP Abba Kyari some benefit of the doubt. I do too, just that some things are not adding up for me. Besides, I also believe the FBI wouldn’t pick on him if it had not concluded findings beyond all doubts.
But, let’s play the Devil’s Advocate, perhaps for debate purposes. I want to assume for this fleeting moment that Kyari’s response was the truth as far as his involvement with Hushpuppi was concerned.
Of course, that too has thrown up concerns. Hushpuppi raised a false alarm about an individual and led you on a wide goose chase. But, as a super cop, you didn’t think that was reprehensible and in fact, a crime to put on the record?
Two, you knew the lifestyle that these folks lived and after discovering that the call was about a deal that went bad between them, your instinct as a police officer didn’t nudge you to finding out more about the said deal?
Who says you couldn’t have been the one to crack the Hushpuppi case? But you seemed too involved with him and others to see the bigger picture.
These, for me, betrayed your general acknowledgement as a super cop. Even worse is how you got so comfortable around folks with suspicious means of livelihood, forgetting your job is delicate. Even if you desired some things, your place in the society should be the first to guide you.
But you are easily carried away so much that you couldn’t even tell that ingratiating with Hushpuppi, Abu Abel and the likes was a NO, NO. Even if you were doing that to garner intelligence about them, that you failed to crack their crimes showed, again, that you’re not so super.
There was a time you and your men cracked a major crime and took pictures with the criminals, smiling as if you won an Oscar. You’re visible in parties and eager to pose for selfies with whomever. This may be normal with others, it is not with you because of your place in the society and the future you seek.
Many suspects had come out at different times to accuse you of graft – right or wrong. The Offa robbery guys spoke of how you allegedly forced them to confessing lies. What, really, is it about you and your mode of operation?
There used to be a myth around you – one that attracted envy – but with your indiscretion, you stripped yourself of it all. Nothing really seems super about you after all, since you haven’t learnt to carefully make your choices.
Thankfully, the IG has pledged to look into the FBI allegations against you. But the truth must be said: you have yet to properly address the core of the matter. If you think dancing around it and dissing your supposed haters would change the tide, then, wake up from your otherwise deep slumber.

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