Obasanjo Is An Ogbanje That Should Be Crippled By Churchill Okonkwo

There is anxiety in the air and fear is oozing out from the leaking dens of APC and PDP as the biggest ogbanje in Nigerian political history, Olusegun Obasanjo attempts a reentry through the womb of another political mother. With his psychic political powers, this ogbanje called OBJ has somehow metamorphosed to the wicked level of remaining relevant without dying. Whenever he is about to be made irrelevant, the ogbanje OBJ has found a way to put his “clarion call” through.
He did that in 1999 and has since reincarnated through Yar’Adua, then Jonathan, followed by Buhari. In Yar’Adua, he came back an unwilling president that was woken from his slumber in Kastina and forced on Nigerians. In Jonathan and now Buhari, he came as a president with a semi-coherent understanding of how serious the national problems are. These presidents, including the ogbanje OBJ, endangered the progress of the country by wimping out and allowing the cabals to overwhelm them. Now ogbanje Obasanjo is at it again, attempting to enter his mother’s womb through “Coalition Nigeria” (CN).
In the years past, medicine men believed that the only way to rid a woman of an ogbanje was to mutilate the dead child and then bury it in the evil forest. But gone are the days of evil forests. Arusi Okija and Idemili forests are no more, mutilation is no longer possible since the ogbanjes have learnt not to die before coming back and they don’t even come back as a child but wiser and dirty adults. How do we permanently cripple this ogbaje OBJ?
The small masquerades have been beating drums with familiar tunes and the evil spirit has decided to come out of his hole in Ota. The ogbanje OBJ is counting on the Nigerian political landscape that is full of ogbanjes like himself. Already, the crooks, our senators and representatives, are working to amend the electoral act in their favor before jumping ship. These ogbanjes are falling over themselves to reemerge as the “saviors” of Nigeria under a new political platform CN.
New coalition? Yes. With serving senators and governors that have held us hostage for years? Hell NO! These owners of the trumpet of misery and deceit OBJ is putting together cannot serve as a cornerstone of a new Nigeria. We don’t want another journey through a democratic wilderness full of political crooks. Ogbanje OBJ should quit thinking primarily about himself, his own self-preservation, and perpetuation.
According to Charles Darwin, natural selection is based on the principle of survival of the fittest, which proposes that as environmental conditions change, nature “selects” those members of a species that are best able to cope with the rigors of life and thus ensures the perpetuity of that species population. Has nature selected only the political ogbanjes in Nigeria? Are they the ones that have survived the rigors of our politics? Are there things we can do to halt the perpetuation of such species in Nigerian politics? Is castration the only way to neutralize ogbanje OBJ?
Sometimes, it helps to wipe the slate clean before drawing a new picture. As we continue to figure out whether the thread is in the needle or the needle in the thread in Nigeria, we should not allow OBJ that has contributed in pushing the country into this present shit, snooker us one more time into writing on unclean, ugly and battered slates of hopeless politicians.
Part of the challenge of rooting out corrupt and ineffective elected officials in Nigeria is that politicians do not need to justify their actions in order to be re-elected. That’s why we have more corruption, more embezzlement of public funds and more political ogbanjes like OBJ and his gang still in circulation and repositioning themselves. The challenge before every dissatisfied Nigerian is how to transform our voices on social media to real political capital without relying on political ogbanjes.
The present political situation in Nigeria does not call for caution, rather, it calls for breaking out from the crowd and daring to save ourselves. Ogbanje OBJ and his old gang of failures being rebranded as “new” coalition is not a breakaway from PDP and APC. It is not the new voice that is needed to galvanize around a new political structure that can save the decaying soul of Nigeria.
It may be terrifying to stand up to the ruthless democratic dictatorship led by an ogbanje like OBJ, but that’s what the political situation in Nigeria now calls for. The move by OBJ to put together a bunch of failures is like putting a bunch of dead flowers on the stomach of a decaying Nigeria.
Who really is Olusegun Obasanjo? He is one of the familiar political ogbanes in Nigeria that have allowed anarchy and corruption to take root. He is a true hypocrite who lies with sincerity. He is the scribe and the Pharisees that devoured widow’s houses. He is the crownless king without conscience, who pretends to love Nigeria more than his interest. He is that beautiful bride whose fart has increased the nuisance in the polity.
Yet, many of us appear to be eager and happy to keep inhaling the toxic political fume from Obasanjo’s fart. Olusegun Obasanjo is an Otondo elder statesman. The political ogbanjes in Nigeria led by OBJ since 1967 have disobeyed the law of gravity. They have gradually destroyed this country. Sensing widespread dissatisfaction and dashed hopes in Buhari’s administration, the ogbanje OBJ is moving quickly to once more circumvent the will of Nigerians for a new beginning.
An attempt at foisting another president on Nigerians by ogbanje OBJ is an attempt at dividing by zero. A flawed and recycled “Third Fore” is tantamount to dividing by zero. The use of the same corrupt political gangsters will open door for ogbanje Obasanjo’s reincarnation. Nigerians should, however, make sure that that door leads to nowhere by castrating ogbanje OBJ.
Finally, here is the puzzle: Did the #RedCardToAPCAndPDP movement led by Oby Ezekwesili clear the way for the reincarnation of ogbanje OBJ? Is sister Oby secretly working in tandem with OBJ? Oby should know that any attempt to align the #RedCardToAPCAndPDP movement with OBJ’s CN will be the biggest betrayal in Nigerian political history. It is a red line that should never be crossed. I hope @RedCardMng will not sell their soul to ogbanje OBJ. The battle for the decaying soul of Nigeria is on. Nigerians are watching.

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