Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala: The Man, Dream, Passion and Politics of Love.

“It would be more plausible to analyze the being of Olamijuwonlo from his weakness to his high sense of maturity and capability and...”

– Minkail Olaitan


As the eminent son of one of the prominent political colossi in Nigeria, one would have expected a long note of wishes from this end as Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala clocks the New Year. But instead, it would be more plausible to analyze the being of Olamijuwonlo from his weakness to his high sense of maturity and capability and, also basically to stabilize the fact that no one is immaculate.


Without any iota of doubt, the present political landscapes of Nigeria need a man who possesses the political philosophy of the late Alao- Akala who was committed to building more leaders from scratch and giving hope to the hopeless. I used to say, it’s a rare privilege that Ogbomoso has something very similar to hold onto to after the demise of former governor Otunba Alao Akala, and that is Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala, a man whose political moral is a replica of his father’s.


Olamijuwonlo in the course of age has reached many thresholds, many breaking points. He met a series of people from different nexus of life, and of course has displayed some imperfections as a human. But the fact remains he has wiped many tears, lifted many heads, restored numerous hopes, and made many undeniable impacts to the society. He is not a saint, he was never; but most assuredly he has struggled with an unswerving determination to reshape the way he views existence in defiance to his “previous self.”


In one of the interviews he granted a while ago, he regrettably spoke about his past mistakes and explained how he has adapted himself to the right reality of life and how committed he is to the course of attaining a life that relentlessly serves people with utmost diligence. This, undeniably, has been vivid in his way of living. Yorubas in their efficient bank of wisdom say, “T’elejo ba ti mo ejo re ni abi, koni pe ni ori ikunle” which translated, “when a wrongdoer voluntarily accepts he is wrong, he won’t be punished for long.”


The naysayer might have decided to dwell in Olamijuwonlo’s past, they could have enough facts to write their pejorative remarks to extinguish the flame of love that people have for him and to realize their most coveted goal of decimating his political ambition. But who cares whose ox is gored so far the progressive “Ojuoloore” as massively called by his enthusiasts is pulling feats and bringing love to the people of Ogbomosho?


Likewise, some are stuck speculating that Olamijuwonlo’s ambition to represent the people of Ogbomoso is borne by the passing of his late father; while some are busy spreading that he wants to take advantage of his father to build a monarchy. The valid truth as I have said in one of my previous articles is that Ojuoloore is not so gullible and unwise to be pampering a kangaroo ambition. His passion and dream for the position did not start a few days ago. This ambitious young man has been coming out to run for this position for quite a long time, but he was restrained by one political factor or the other which mostly is to maintain peace within the party.


Olamijuwonlo is a morally upright individual whose sense of politics is highly mature and refined. It takes a progressive mindset and a high degree of maturity plus a realization of responsibility for a man to deviate from doing wrong to focusing on right and being more intentional in serving people. It takes serious willpower and determination. And this is the beauty that defines him.


Apart from the impactful and highly referenced golden name and memories Otunba (Dr.) Adebayo Alao-Akala left which Ogbomoso and everybody he met would not forget in a rush, this amazing young politician has stepped into his father’s shoes with a detailed political understanding and love for the grassroots. His core goal is to join in building a society where everyone has a voice and matters. No doubt, crystal visible that the love that “Ojuoloore” has amassed cannot be overemphasized.


Olamijuwonlo and his People-Centric

As a matter of fact, no need for a highfalutin description of politics, Alao-Akala’s political philosophy, which Olamijuwonlo’s is guided by is one of the indestructible political ideas in the world of politics. It’s no surprise that even the widows, the special ones, and political leaders have bestowed him with such respect and love. He represents the image of Nigerians’ choice with his love for culture, morals, people-centric ideology, and highly noticeable street credibility.


And as he adds another feather of age, I salute the man who deserves the flowers and wish him a Happy birthday. May God guide you, shine his light over you and bring your dream to reality, Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala!




Credit: Àkàtúnkà

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